Squat Problems?


Squat Problems?

Squat Problems?

Do you ever feel like you are doing all your mobilizations and homework that the coach tells you to BUT you just aren’t making enough progress improving your squat position? Do you feel like you have plateaued in strength gains because of your squat positioning? If this sounds like you and you are literally feeling stuck it might be time to try something different. 

Sometimes it is tight muscles that are causing issues with the bottom position of our squat but it doesn’t have to end there. We might need a little more action to convince our bodies to get into a better position. If we want to make real change, a couple static stretches here and there are unlikely to do the trick. 

We have to stretch and then move our body through those new ranges of motion inorder to unlock those positions and wake up those sleepy muscles at our end ranges. 

We have to strengthen muscles that are sleeping because they aren’t being fully recruited or utilized because of poor length tension relationships (fancy way of saying muscle resting positions aka poor posture).

IF you have been static stretching without getting the results you want in your squat – give this a try before squat days…

2-2-1-1 Program

Pick 6 exercises using the sequence below to create your squat fixing routine.

  • 2 static stretches
  • 2 active mobilizations
  • 1 activation
  • 1 squat therapy

Static Stretches

  • Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch 1 Min Each
  • Wall Stretch 1 Min Each
  • Pigeon Pose 1 Min Each
  • Frog Stretch 1-2 Min
  • Standing Calf 1 Min Each
  • Foam Roll Calves 1 Min Each

Active Mobility

  • TMC 2×10
  • Crab IR/ER 2×10 Each
  • Mackenzie 2×10
  • Scorpions 2×10


  • Box Band Walk 2×8 Each
  • SL Wall Reach 2×8 Each
  • SL Box Squat 2×8 Each

Squat Therapy

  • Wall Squats (slow) 2x 5-8 Reps
  • Assisted Squat Holds 2×20-30s (on the rig – fight for tall chest & knees out)

Happy training my buddies! Hope this helps unlock your future squat GAINZ.

Coach Janelle