Drop In

  • If you are in the West Town Chicago area - Drop in and work out with us at BluPrint Fitness!

Step One

Check out the schedule here.

Step Two

Shoot [email protected] a “heads up” email answering the following questions:

– What is your current workout routine (frequency/type)?
– Do you have any current injuries/restrictions?
– Where is your gym “home”?

Step Three

Choose a drop-in package of choice below.

What You Need to Know About Class

  • Arrive 5-10 minutes early to stretch or prepare for class.
  • Class Structure
    • General Warm-Up: Coach will announce on the hour, “Let’s do a 3-Minute Row/Ride/Run.” This denotes the start of class.
    • Whiteboard Talk: After the general warm-up, the class will gather around the whiteboard to talk about that day’s workout.
    • Specific Warm-Up
    • Strength/Power/Skill Portion
    • Conditioning
    • Cool Down
    • Mobilize
    • Note: This is the general structure of Training Camp classes and small deviations will occur with Rowing & Boot Camp classes.

Drop In Options


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