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What is your #1 health & fitness goal?

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“We help busy professionals shed body fat, get toned, and get stronger without giving up the fun stuff.”

What’s Up!

We are stoked you’re interested in our 6-Week Challenge!

It’s our passion to help people live a healthy lifestyle. So we created this challenge to get people on the right track and focus on their health and fitness goals, without being overwhelmed.

Best Self Challenge is designed to help you create lasting changes, build strong foundations and change your life.

That’s a bold statement, but we’ve seen it happen regularly.

And when we say life changing, we mean, your whole life. That includes inside and outside the gym, physical and mental transformations…

…and everything in between!

So keep reading as we share what our program is all about and the incredible results it’s created for people.

See you on the next page,
Coach Byron, Coach Janelle, & Coach Bacon
Bluprint Fitness

Best Self Intro

How it Works

Your journey starts with a goal meeting to create an action plan, discuss your goals, and see if our coaching program is a good fit. If it is, you’ll start a 6 week transformation program focused on exercise, nutrition and lifestyle habits.

On average 3 new athletes start this program each week & each participant is paired with a personal coach to keep them on track throughout the 6 weeks while focusing on 1-2 goals.
On day 1, you will test in and get measurements. On day 45, you will test out and see the progress right before your eyes!

There is no better day than TODAY to start taking steps to being the person you want to be!

What You Can Expect

“Bluprint has been a catalyst for me to live a healthier, more active lifestyle.” -Jill

“I came to this gym looking for motivation to push my drive and this is exactly what I found. I appreciate all the staff for their encouragement and motivation. I met my 6 week goal and I wouldn’t change anything about this gym at all.” – Jacobi

“Frustrated from not knowing what to do in the gym, I saw a 6-week challenge video. Taking Byron up on that challenge was one of the best decisions I could have made.” – Brenetta

“I feel like the difference between this gym and other “gyms”, is (1) they treat you like family, (2) they will not hesitate to give you notes along your fitness journey, and get “you”, to the best “you”. – Ben

Best Self Intro Includes

• 6 weeks of coaching and training
• 20+ coach led workouts
• nutrition meal plans & templates
• focus on changing lifestyle habits
• weekly progress check ins
• beginner and intermediate options
• attendance accountability

Who We Love Coaching

someone ready to take action and follow through with change
someone done with excuses and willing to put in the work
someone with a has sincere desire to grow and learn at their own pace
someone who wants a safe, friendly but challenging approach

If that’s you, coaching you is our favorite!

Ready to become physically and mentally stronger?

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What is your #1 health & fitness goal?

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