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    What is BluPrint Fitness?

    Who are we?
    We are a results-driven community that promotes wellness through consistent inspiration, education, and a fun atmosphere.
    Who do we serve?
    We serve busy professionals who want to transform their lives and have fun doing it.
    Why do we serve them?
    We serve to empower people to find happiness through health & fitness.
    What do we provide?
    We provide exercise, lifestyle, and nutrition to help our members reach their goals.
    How do we do it?
    Our coaching and training programs present a clear direction on how-to reach goals in a fun, safe, and efficient way. These proven processes allow our members to focus all of their efforts on reaching milestone after milestone – creating a lifestyle of personal growth.



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    Fitness Gym near West Town Chicago IL

    1828 W Hubbard St B, Chicago, IL 60622

    Call Us: (773) 540-2174