How To Workout Through Injury


How To Workout Through Injury

Am I beating a dead horse?

I can’t be. But as the new year approaches, let me use this time to say to anybody who has an injury, imbalance, or anything that nags you during your exercise to FIX IT!

Please take 3 steps back so you can take 5 steps forward before your body tells you to take 20 steps back and then only take one step forward at a time. I promise you, all of your GAINZ will not be lost. As smart as our body is, sometimes we treat it like it knows nothing. If for the past month, every time you squat, push, pull, etc. there is a nagging pain… it’s time to address it. 

Being “tough” is about being “smart” with your workout decisions. So tough it out by telling your coach so we can help. 

If you “fight through the pain” one day and your head is stronger than your body, you may say, “huh look at that, my body doesn’t really hurt anymore.” And next thing you know, your back is thrown out doing something you do everyday. 

MOST of the time, if you catch pain early enough, it can be addressed by you giving the area some TLC. Whether that is in the form of stretching, activation, hypervolt or foam rolling; many injuries start out as “something tight” that just never gets addressed. In my opinion, we all have problem areas whether that be our back, hips, ankles, etc. My advice is to develop a consistent routine for warming up and for your mobility. YES, this is in addition to the warm ups and mobility we do already as a class. Days that I squat, I need to show a little extra love to my hip flexors so that I can maintain an upright posture during the entire movement. That will help keep my low back from dealing with unwanted strain. 

Of course we have our preventative measures which is the easiest way to prevent these terrible things from happening. We can always move correctly, warm up properly, stretch and mobilize consistently and of course REST when needed. In all my experience of coaching, whether that be students, patients at the hospital, or athletes at BluPrint, the “pushing through the pain” mentality is just not worth it in the long run. 

Current Bluprint Athletes: Next time something pops up that does not feel right, tell a coach, do your homework, and be patient. Building a “lifestyle” of health & fitness is for life – take your time to create a strong, healthy body.

Future Bluprint Athletes: At Bluprint Fitness, we provide busy professionals with a healthy, sustainable lifestyle plan they can use to improve their body image and live life proud. And at the core of this plan is high results & low injury rates – aka Smart GAINZ. If you’ve experienced issues in the past working around an injury but still want to find happiness with your health & fitness, schedule a discovery call HERE with a Bluprint Coach. We’ll get you back on track!

Coach Selby