C’Mon Coach Just Let Me WOD


C’Mon Coach Just Let Me WOD

Why does my coach continue to coach me? “Get off my back and just let me do fitness. I am just here to get a good workout – I don’t have to move perfectly to get a good sweat on.” 

Some might say we are different at Bluprint Fitness…

  • The coaches are ALWAYS giving feedback
  • The team progresses athletes in a way that creates long-term results rather than a short-term fix.
  • The coaches are picky with form.
  • The team cares more about “how” you move than how “hard” you WOD. 

We provide busy professionals with a healthy, sustainable lifestyle plan they can use to improve their body image and live life proud!

We coach at Bluprint. We want our athletes to move well because we care deeply about their success. If we, as coaches, teach you the “right” way, the “safe & effective” way to move – you will move stronger longer…even if it means it takes more time for you to get to those numbers/times you’ve been chasing. 

Some workouts might feel like you focused more on technique than hitting that top gear because you had to super focus on a snatch in the metcon. Or the strength portion felt pretty chill and vanilla because the coach wanted you to stay light and do more reps because the form wasn’t quite ready to load (aka more practice was needed to build that pattern up before building that weight up). Speed, weight, and in some cases, sweat is something you have to EARN

Adding intensity on top of a poor foundation is like trying to write a 10 page paper before doing the research or making the outline. That research and outline might take more time on the front end, but sets you up to earn that A+. 

This concept is the same with health & fitness. You have to teach your body…your body has to learn “how-to” first, before really being able to push to the limit and get the most out of a particular workout. Good things take time and good things are worth putting in the work for. But you must have patience and be willing to suck a little…or a lot at first. But please know once you start making progress it’s hard to turn back. 

So the next time you feel yourself getting frustrated because you feel like the coach is holding you back, ask yourself:  Are they actually holding you back or are they pushing you to move forward

What can you do to be more successful at Bluprint? 

  1. Be Coachable
  2. Listen with Focus 
  3. Be Consistently Consistent 

The Bluprint Fitness team has your BEST interest at heart and we want to build the most well rounded, beautifully moving athletes a gym could ask for. The better we move, the more skills you master, the more weight you’re able to lift, the better relationship you build with health & fitness. Greatness takes time, WE’VE GOT YOUR BACK! 

Current Bluprint Athletes: Shout out to you, the Blucru, for accepting us as your coaches and letting us help guide you into well rounded athletes.

Future Buprint Athletes: Everyone deserves to be comfortable in their own skin. Schedule a discovery call HERE to get started.

Coach Janelle