3 Holiday Tricks To Stay On Track


3 Holiday Tricks To Stay On Track

Now, we all know that common feeling…

That feeling of frustration we get after a month and a half of eating, drinking, staying up too late, and making decision after decision that doesn’t quite align with our goals.

What if we came up with a plan this year, that turned that frustration into a feeling of pride following the holidays because we game planned strategies that allowed us to make decisions that aligned with our goals without giving up all the fun stuff!

As the holiday season approaches I want to challenge you. Challenge you to approach the holidays a little differently this year. So here’s what I’m thinking…

Let’s focus on three things this holiday season that will keep us on track and give us a head start on next year’s goals:

1. Drink Water: No I’m not saying don’t have your booze or your hot apple ciders, I’m saying stay hydrated. Maybe instead of every drink being sugary or alcoholic, we place a glass of water in between. Your body functions best when it’s hydrated and hopefully making a conscious effort to consume some high quality H2O will keep you on track towards your goals.

2. Stay Active: Whatever the medium that fits you best…do something active. For me, it’s mostly for my sanity and stress levels around the holidays. But this also helps combat the ‘loose’ eating habits during this time of the year. I also like to take what I call the “vacation approach” which means instead of working out my usual 5 days each week, maybe I bring it back a notch and turn one of those days into an active recovery where I do something active that’s not a traditional workout.

3. Make A Bet: Accountability is half the battle when trying to stay on track. Pick a friend or family member to make a bet with. Bet that person that you are going to indulge less this year. Make a measure of success to assess how well you do (ex. Less than 3 alcoholic drinks at a party, 1 slice of pie instead of 3…you get the idea). Bet this person something substantial…let’s call it $100 and stand by your word. I’m sure you won’t have an issue finding someone to take this bet (there is no risk for them) only skin in the game for you.

The goal is not to be perfect during the holiday season.

The goal is to make better decisions than we did last year. 

And by focusing on the 3 things mentioned above, you’ll find yourself feeling a lot better following this holiday season.

At Bluprint Fitness, we help busy professionals live proud because we believe that everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their own skin.

Current Bluprint Athletes: focus on the three tricks above to set yourself up for holiday season success.

Future Bluprint Athletes: if you, or anyone you know is ready to follow a plan that turns years of frustration into a sense of pride, jump on a Discovery Call with a Bluprint Coach and we’ll get you back on track.

Hope everyone is staying safe out there and go WIN THE DAY.

Coach Byron