Bluprint BINGO


Bluprint BINGO

How It Works:

Play Bluprint BINGO from November 11th – December 13th to get registered into our Holiday Party Raffle! To enter, grab a Bingo board from the gym. Each time you complete one of the tasks on the board, inform a Bluprint Coach when you are in the gym and they will mark off that square.

  1. Each line of 5 tasks completed (Left, Right, or Diagonal) will earn 1 ticket into the GENERAL PRIZE drawing. Prizes include: gift cards (Nike, Lululemon, etc.), Cases of Fitaid, Mobility Package, Skill Sessions, and More. 
  2. If you complete the entire board, you will be entered into the GRAND PRIZE drawing…6-Month Unlimited Membership ($1320 Value) 
  3. You must be present at the Holiday Party, December 14th to receive your winnings. 


Each block must be signed off by a Bluprint Coach for it to count. 

  1. Take a class time you have NEVER been to before: If you have been to all of the class times in your program, come to one that you do not typically go to. 
  2. Design a Bluprint Shirt or send us a shirt idea you want to rock: If there is a shirt style, image, phrase, that you have seen on other shirts online. Grab a screen shot and email it.  If you are at all artsy, feel free to hand draw or mock it up online. Send all ideas to [email protected] 
  3. Attend a minimum of 12 classes during the BINGO Challenge: Verification by your coach will be done by looking in our Wodify system, so make sure you are checking into class. If you don’t check in, it doesn’t count. 
  4. Check in on Facebook to Bluprint Fitness Main Page and tag a buddy: Go to Facebook on your mobile device. At the top bar click Check In then type Bluprint Fitness in the top bar. Mention a gym buddy you worked out with or tag a buddy you’d like to jump in class with you! 
  5. Run 1 mile for time: Time yourself or ask a coach to start the clock…
  6. Practice a skill you have never done before. See Training Tutorials for help: Are you working on Toes to Bar, Handstands, or Basic Kips? Spend 15-30 minutes before or after class working on a new skill. For help, tips, and how to’s: attend CF on Tuesdays or check out some Bluprint blogs.
  7. Send 3 song ideas to add to the Bluprint Fitness spotify playlists: pick your 3 favorite workout songs and send them to [email protected] 
  8. Bring a friend to class: 1) CC your friend on an email to [email protected]. 2) Pick a class time (Zone Sweat or Zone Strength). 3) Get ready to have fun with your buddy!
  9. Do 5 burpees in public and post it in the members group: Get creative, have fun, and BE SAFE! Post this in the member group on FB or on your Instagram.
  10. Fill out a Goals Worksheet and send it back to a Bluprint Coach Upon completion send to [email protected]
    Download Goals Worksheet Here
  11. Give a coach 5 burpees: Choose wisely, you only get to check this one off your list once!
  12. Write a Google Review or Facebook Review: Google: Type Bluprint Fitness into your google search bar. Next to our 5 Star google rating 🙂 click google review and then add your review. Facebook: Go to our FB page and hit “Reviews” on the left hand column. Click “yes” under “Do you recommend Bluprint Fitness?”, then just add your review!
  13. Film a 30-90 second testimonial and send it to [email protected]: a) Name. b) What was life like before Bluprint Fitness – what did you struggle with or want to our help to achieve. c) What is life like after you’ve joined the program? [share a few results you’re proud of achieving here. d) What would you say to anyone on the fence about joining Bluprint Fitness? [Think: why you decided to give it a chance and why it was worth it]
  14. Complete a 30-Minute mobility session: this is done on your own and can be specific to you. This is 30-minutes straight of focused mobility work. If you need some ideas, check out the 10-Minute Mobility blog HERE.
  15. High five or fist bump a newer Bluprint Athlete: when you see someone you don’t know or haven’t spoken to yet, give them a high five or first bump and say hello/good job!
  16. Post about something you are proud of: YOU ARE AWESOME – share something you are proud of in the Bluprint Members Only group.
  17. Wear a piece of Bluprint gear to class, work, or out and about and tag us on social media: Instagram (@bluprintfitness) or Facebook.
  18. Track your food on MyFitnessPal for 7-Days: 1. Download the MyFitnessPal App 2. Track your food intake for 7-days (1-week including weekends) 3. Request Janelle to be your friend and she’ll verify this square.
  19. Complete a Thursday Partner WOD: Come to class on a Thursday (Zone Sweat or CF) and complete the workout with a partner.
  20. Tell a coach what you want to accomplish before year’s end: there are small and/or big things for you to still accomplish – tell a coach about them!
  21. Meal prep and take a picture of your food. To get the sticker for this guy here you need to make some time over the weekend to prepare yourself for the week. This doesn’t have to be every meal for a week BUT it does need to show you have planned ahead and have some food ready to make your life easier. Take a picture of what you have planned and make a post in the Bluprint Member Group on FB and get a coach to sign off on it!
  22. Complete a workout on Thanksgiving: The gym is closed this day so you’ll have to get creative with this one. Check out a blog on for at-home ideas or jump in a Turkey Trot. Once complete post your fitness in the FB Member group or tag @bluprintfitness on Instagram to complete this square.
  23. Row or Ski 2K for time: Record your time in Wodify and show a coach day of completion.
  24. Share a blog on FB or share a Bluprint post on Instagram or FB: pick your favorite and show a coach you shared a blog or post to complete this square.
  25. Make a list of 10 things you are proud of: You’ve accomplished SOOO much this year! Write down what you’re most proud of and share with a coach or in the FB Member’s Only group.