Why Are You Falling Behind In Your Fitness?


Why Are You Falling Behind In Your Fitness?

My progress is slowing. I can’t seem to lose enough body fat to reach my goals. I haven’t hit a PR in over 3-months.

IF you know everything there is about how to stay motivated during times full of distractions, you can stop reading.

IF you’ve ever encountered any or all of the mentioned statements above, keep reading.

It’s summertime and distractions are at their peak when it comes to our fitness.

We’ve all been there – myself included!

Whether it’s travel, street festivals, or just the ability to lay on the beach with a nice cold one – extra effort has to be taken to stay on track with our health & fitness goals. I’m not saying don’t travel or don’t have fun. What I am saying is have fun within reason and build a healthy lifestyle into your extracurricular activities.

Over my time in the fitness industry, I’ve observed that stalled progress boils down to a few main culprits:

  1. Lack of Consistency: not getting some form of exercise at least 3x/week.
  2. Ignoring Weaknesses: this usually involves skill work or endurance metcons (BluCru – this means missing Tues/Thurs WODs. It might be time to take the next step and commit to 4-5x/week).
  3. Lack of Sleep: sleep is king when it comes to recovery, so do it consistently.
  4. Food: You’re smart, you know what’s healthy, now find the healthy stuff you enjoy and make it the bulk of your consumption.

So how do we get back on track?


  • Start small with something you KNOW you can consistently complete.
  • Find a buddy to hold you accountable. For example: schedule classes to attend with a friend at your gym and hold each other accountable for showing up.
  • Remember your goals. Write them down. AND look at them everyday!

Here’s to having a blast this summer and kicking ass along the way!


Coach Byron