CrossFit Powerlifting – Top 10


CrossFit Powerlifting – Top 10

powerliftingContinual learning is at the core of Bluprint’s coaching staff. Whether it’s reading studies, articles, or attending seminars; learning allows us to create an environment where athletes crush their goals! I got the chance to go to the CrossFit Powerlifting Certificaiton at CrossFit Chicago last weekend and wanted to share my “TOP-10 Takeaways”. Check em out below. Note: these are in no particular order of importance.

  1. Speed Strength is essential for ALL sports.
  2. The body adapts to heaviest stress placed upon it.
  3. Get strong as f*ck to make metcon weights a low percentage of your 1RM. By doing so your stabilizer muscles will fatigue at a much slower rate.
  4. Build a strong back!
  5. Miss lifts rarely: This teaches a successful mindset, means you are lifting at an appropriate weight, and decreases recovery time.
  6. The best OH pressers have a strong bench press.
  7. Train grip in two ways: 1) strength endurance & 2) max strength.
  8. Conditioning is imperative to strength.
  9. The quality of accessory work is what separates good programming from great programming. Accessory work should be 70-80% of your training.
  10. The best athletes RECOVER better than the rest.

Coach Byron