Train Smart


Train Smart

Coming off a fantastic weekend of friends and fun, we pretty much went non-stop. Doing all the touristy mumbo jumbo everyone talked about when we first got here. Byron and I both knew that we wouldn’t do any of it until someone came to visit; and sure enough, 8 months deep into Chicago residency we finally have a touristy weekend.

We wandered around Chicago: walked along Michigan Ave, saw the bean, did an amazing architectural tour, attempted to do the Tilt view at the John Hancock building….not entirely bummed it wasn’t working. The view was pretty phenomenal without the anxiety of being “tilted” at a whatever degree angle. We stayed out later than normal playing corn hole (full disclosure…I watched, I can’t be bothered with that game) and completing a 1000 piece puzzle. Ironic that I turn 30 this year and all I want to do is stay up late with my friends, drink a glass of wine and do a mother earth fairy puzzle.

What’s my point?

We come back to work and try to jump right back into a workout like we aren’t exhausted and expect our bodies to pick up where we left off. And it is funny because we tell this to our athletes all the time and forget that the rules apply to us as well.

Plain and simple: we aren’t invincible and when your body tells you that’s enough…it is super important to listen. Now don’t get it twisted…sometimes the little guy on our shoulder is telling us to skip the gym and eat bon bons on the couch. You have to realize if it is the little guy or if you really need to take it easy.

So here’s why I bring this up.

  1. I plan to go for my PR on my back squat and pretty much when I get to a one rep at 85% of my 1 RM…I feel like that was my max for the day. Pretty glaring that today might not have been the best day to go for it…so I swallowed my pride and packed up my plates. I will live to fight another day and am better for it.
  2. Byron actually did change his workout (smart man) but seemingly he may have been overzealous himself as he ended up with an egg on his forehead. The bar was moving fast and his head didn’t move fast enough to miss the wrath of the bar unfortunately.

Would a 3-mile run have been sufficient? Maybe or maybe it wouldn’t have been enough…

The point is to LISTEN TO YOUR BODY…

Not the little guy on your shoulder or your friend telling you to put more on the bar. Sometimes the best option is to give yourself another day before jumping back into a program that requires all of your ducks in a row to be successful.

Just wanted to share a reality check that opened our eyes to training smarter.

– Coach J