I Was THAT Guy…


I Was THAT Guy…

Pride used to consume my exercise.

Let’s call it…

“Meathead Syndrome”

I thought to get stronger, I must lift more weight almost every time I hit the gym. I’d do the typical meathead routine:

  • Run on a Treadmill for 5 Minutes
  • Stretch for 5 Minutes
  • Bench, Squat, or DL heavier than I did the previous gym sesh
  • Hit 1 Million Accessory Exercises
  • Run on a Treadmill for 20 Minutes
  • Stretch for 5 Minutes

Now this worked for a little while when I first started. Hell, ANYTHING works at the beginning; we call it the “beginner effect”. If you introduce a new stimulus to your body, it has to adapt quickly, but without sound programming, these adaptations come to a screeching halt!

When proper care/instruction in the gym is not available: results slow, form becomes less than optimal, and the risk of injury increases. This is the point when we can’t reach depth on squats, when our previous 5RM starts to feel like a 1RM, and we are at a complete standstill with wanted results!

So how do we blast through these plateaus and continue to see success in our fitness?

We use sound programming!

At Bluprint Fitness, there is a lot of method behind the madness. Data driven analysis has shaped how we program ALL classes at the gym and following these steps, will guarantee you see the results you are looking for. Programming is planned based on the end goal first (B), assessing athletes’ current state of preparedness (A), and then creating a proven plan to get from point A to B.

Current Bluprint Athletes: this means when there are prescribed percentages in the program, it’s a good idea to stick to them to avoid “meathead syndrome”. It’s also a good idea to take rest when needed, take food and sleep seriously, and assess your level of stress prior to each workout.

Future Bluprint Athletes: if results are what you are looking for…I think you know where to find them.

See you in the gym!