Ramenish – Janelle’s Non-Traditional Ramen


Ramenish – Janelle’s Non-Traditional Ramen


Approx 2+ Cups Leftover Broth (I saved the broth from a bone-in pork chop slow cooker dinner the night before, refrigerated and skimmed the fat before using)

Approx 4+ Cups Water

3 Stalks Organic Celery (Sliced thin)

1 Cup Organic Button Mushrooms (Sliced thin)

1 Cup Organic Carrots (Sliced thin)

1 Large Sweet Onion (Sliced thin)

½ lb Chicken Breast

½ lb Jake’s Canadian Bacon

2 Forbidden Rice Ramen Noodle Blocks

Salt & Other Seasoning to Taste (This is based on your broth…mine was flavor packed from the pork chops so I didn’t need to add much aside from a little salt)




Sriracha (I use Sky Valley)

*Plenty of other options here based on your personal tastes



Add leftover broth and water or just broth based on what you are working with to a pot and bring to slow boil. Wash and chop veggies while you are waiting for your pot to boil. Once finished chopping, add veggies to pot.

Heat skillet to medium and brown the Canadian Bacon on both sides (about 3-4 min each side). Remove from skillet and slice thin. In the same skillet add some chopped chicken breast and cook through. Once the meats are finished, add those to the pot and allow flavors to develop. Chop your scallions and cilantro during this time.

Start an additional pot of boiling water and follow instructions on the Ramen (boil until noodles start to separate, strain and rinse with cold water). Once this is finished, add the noodles to the bottom of your soup bowl and ladle the goods on top. Add cilantro, scallions and Sriracha. Enjoy 🙂