Overcoming Injury


Overcoming Injury

WOW what a whirlwind the past 5 months has been.

For a girl who really loves her routine, this has been quite an adjustment. The hardest adjustment of all for me has been how I am currently trying to overcome an injury from birth that has impacted my mental health, my daily life, my coaching career, and my fitness. It has been hard to come to terms with the fact that my greatest gift of all – my baby boy – has led to some level of pelvic floor dysfunction that I NEVER envisioned would impact me. It is no secret that I felt pretty confident going into labor, I was in shape and worked out all through my pregnancy, I considered myself prepared, my mom was a midwife, I was born at home, both my mom and Byron’s mom did not use meds during labor…I can DEFINITELY handle it ?. Let’s just say, I was VERY wrong about how my labor would go, but will save my birth story for another day.

My pregnancy was pretty much a breeze…would I say that while I was pregnant? I’m not sure…to be honest I can’t remember how I really felt at that time, but if I was to compare it to what my life is now, I can say with full certainty that my pregnancy was a BREEZE. What I do remember when I was pregnant, was thinking I can’t wait for this baby to come out so I can get back to my fitness routine and doing the things that I had to give up while pregnant. Maybe that was the wrong mentality because that has also not gone according to my very basic plan ?.

Injuries are hard, especially the injuries that no one can really see. We have all been injured in some way, shape or form at some point in our fitness career. 

Let’s just say “tinkle time USA” has now taken on a whole new meaning for me. My body has been compromised and from my research the issue does not reverse BUT the symptoms can improve – which is positive. The initial shock of an injury can be such a hit to your mentals and mine really felt like I was getting kicked while I was down. The more I “googled” the more I cried and the more of a victim I allowed myself to become. Instead of me focusing on all the things I CAN still do, I was focusing on all the things Dr. Google told me I CAN’T DO.

So yes, high impact things are put on the back burner right now and it appears my “dreams” of going to the CrossFit Games have come to a screeching halt (please read this with all the sarcasm that was intended?). I am still capable of doing my job – coaching all my buddies and also perfectly capable of doing so many fitness funsies that make me feel like ME. Mama is on a “heavy lifting, running, jumping hiatus” but I am hopeful to be back to those things in whatever capacity my body is willing to allow in the future. 

My typical anxious doomy mentality tried to get the best of me this time, but my Coach reminded me to think of what positive things have come out of this. 

  • ONE – I have the cutest little man on the planet. 
  • TWO – I am adding to my coaching toolbox by having to be creative with changing programs to fit my needs – I will be better suited to do that for my buddies as well. 
  • THREE – I will come back stronger because of this (mentally and physically). Every obstacle we have to overcome only makes us better. It never feels like that in the deep dark moments BUT when you make it out on the other side you know it’s true. 

I asked for help from all angles. I reached out to other new moms, I leaned on my support system (Byron, family, friends), I found a ZOOM therapist for my mentals, I checked with a personal trainer mentor, I asked my massage therapist, I reached out to some Physical Therapists, and found a Pelvic Floor PT that has been helping me navigate. This is still a HUGE work in progress especially now because I have a whole other life that depends on me. I keep reminding myself about having patience and trusting the process.

Success is almost NEVER linear, so I realize there will be a bunch of squiggly lines as I work on healing my body.

I am finally staying mostly positive. As I navigate my way through this injury, I can finally say I am more hopeful now. I don’t believe everything that Dr. Google said and I do believe that I will be able to do almost everything I used to do, just with a different outlook. 

My advice for anyone coming back from an injury

  1. Don’t allow yourself to play the “victim” card so long that you are delaying your recovery
  2. Ask for help.
  3. Make a plan.
  4. Have patience and give yourself some grace (if I keep repeating this…maybe it will sink in?)

My completely unsolicited advice for anyone coming back from labor who wants to know

  1. If something doesn’t feel quite right – it probably isn’t. 
  2. Do more research about HOW to push. 
  3. Pelvic Floor PT should be non-negotiable before returning to fitness. 
  4. Have patience and give yourself some grace (still working on these two?)

Coach Janelle

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