Love. Your. Body.


Love. Your. Body.

I’ve had so many conversations with athletes that reveals a sad truth. The negative self-talk and body hate is stomping on our self-worth. This is heartbreaking to me. My favorite part of my job is that I get to coach athletes of all ability levels, shapes, and sizes. I watch them develop into amazing athletes – conquering the barbell, conquering cardio, and conquering gymnastics movements they never thought possible. 

I watch them methodically transform their bodies – It is SO rewarding to see. 

What’s crazy is how little credit they give themselves for their successes and how much bad energy goes the wrong direction. 

The part of my job that is probably the hardest is listening to the self-doubt, the negative self talk, and the self body shaming even after they’ve come so far. 

So my main question is…

What will it take, what does your body have to do, what does it have to look like for you to be proud and love it for all that it has accomplished? 

Let me be clear – this is something that I am guilty of as well. Lucky for me, when I start to talk like this, almost always after a missed lift or PR, I tend to negatively evaluate myself out loud to my husband. He is quick to remind me of how many amazing things I have recently accomplished. He sits there and lists them off – it is literally the best reminder that one failure does not make me any less amazing. One setback does not define me or you. 

Let’s say you don’t have a “Byron” because maybe you internalize all your negative self-talk. This is what I want you, my past, current, and future Bluprint athletes, to try:

Personal Brag Book

Get yourself a journal or a running “note” on your phone – after every cool ass thing you accomplish in the gym or in life…write that shit down. It’s your own private brag book. So when that one negative situation or thought creeps into your mind you can pull out that journal and read it. This will remind you how far you have come and hopefully all the positives will outweigh that little evil horned creature on your shoulder. 

Here is to loving and appreciating our bodies for all the bad ass things we have accomplished and are going to accomplish. 

Strong Mind – Strong Body!

Coach Janelle