How To Workout On Vacation


How To Workout On Vacation

Do you actually enjoy working out when you travel? Well ya should!

Yes – finding somewhere to workout last minute while being in a new/different city can be stressful. But, that’s just the thing.

99% of the time we know we’re traveling well in advance. And spending the extra 20-30 minutes doing some recon on gyms wherever you’re going will wipe out that potential travel stressor.

And IF you don’t like dropping into other gyms, chances are you are staying at someone’s house or a hotel.

Which means there is gravity and a floor…

That is all you need to get a workout in. If you’re already a member at BluPrint, you should know that there are a plethora of body weight movements that can be paired together in a workout that would make an AMRAP for the ages.

There is nothing wrong with hitting a 30MIN EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute):
Min. 1 15 Air Squats
Min. 2. 10 Burpees
Min  3. 30s Plank

Boom, Simple and effective while only taking 30 minutes. Now of course that workout isn’t as fun as Zero dark 30 or 16.5. (If you don’t know what those workouts are you will:) But neither is getting
annihilated on your Monday return to the gym because you didn’t workout all week. A body that’s in motion likes to stay in motion. Simple physics. Just keep your body moving so that on Monday you don’t get your butt kicked.

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