Healthy Summer Habits


Healthy Summer Habits

At the time this blog was written we were on the eve of one of the biggest holiday weekends of the summer – the 4th of July. And because of that, I wanted to chat briefly about some simple ways to stay on track during these busy summer months.

But Let’s first note that the goal is not to be perfect.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “1% better than yesterday” so let’s apply that to our summer activities and focus on doable steps we can take to stay on track.

Step 1: Set a Monthly Workout Goal.

By shifting your frequency goal from weekly to monthly, you add some flexibility in your schedule. This creates a buffer zone for those weeks that you travel or have added social responsibilities. Set a goal, put your workouts in your schedule, and reach that goal.

Step 2: Sparkling Water

Not every social event has to involve consuming alcoholic beverages. Sparkling water is a great alternative for those shorter or daytime events. Pick a couple of social gathering this summer to commit to the sparkling water game.

Step 3: Make a Sleep Goal.

Your body LOVES sleep. And by committing to getting enough sleep and recharging this summer, you’ll set yourself up for health & fitness success. Set a goal that’s realistic for you, set a reminder on your phone or track your sleep with an app – and reap the benefits of sleep recovery.

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Coach Byron