Goalz & Gainz – 2017 Goal Template


Goalz & Gainz – 2017 Goal Template

Alright BluCru we are going to try something a little different this year when it comes to setting our goals.IMG_9141 I know we are guilty of setting ALL the best goals with no action plan in sight. I am AWESOME at this. Take my Ring Muscle-Up goal from last year…I wrote that B down on the GOALZ Board with swag and had literally no plan of attack to actually get it done. When I was erasing the board to start fresh I felt defeated…I set that goal and didn’t do enough in an entire year to reach it.

So here’s the deal. We are going to start with 3 Goals: Gym Frequency, Skill, and Strength Commitments.

#1 Gym Frequency Commitment

This can be a weekly goal or a monthly goal based on if you have a crazy travel schedule. So maybe you are a solid 2xweeker and want to up the ante and become a 3xweeker. Awesome, just make sure this IMG_9000 (1)is a feasible goal for you. Another approach would be: typically I come about 10x per month but now I want to make that 12x per month. Don’t go crazy here and bite off more than you can chew. Slow and steady wins the race so BE REALISTIC with what you are committing to.

#2 SKILLZ Commitment

  • STEP 1: So now I have to write an OUTCOME GOAL for my Skill Goal…what do you want to master this year? Let’s say T2B…and by master let’s put a number on it. Let’s say: 5 consecutive kipping T2B
  • STEP 2: Next we need to write an ACTION GOAL to support this outcome goal. What do I NEED todo to ensure that I reach my goal of mastering T2B? Well I need to practice, so what can I commit to here? Let’s say: 30 minutes of practice per week
  • STEP 3: Now we need to look at the BIGGEST BARRIER to reaching my action goal of 30 minutes of IMG_8813practice per week. Let’s say: Open Gym times don’t work with my schedule
  • STEP 4: And finally we have to figure out the BEST STRATEGY to overcome this barrier. Instead of committing to open gym time: I will get my practice in before or after my regular scheduled workout times

#3 STRENGTH Commitment

Now you get the drill…but we will run through it again for our strength goal.

  • STEP 1: OUTCOME GOAL: 250# Deadlift. If I am currently at 240 then I think adding 10 pounds to my deadlift over the course of a year is feasible.
  • STEP 2: ACTION GOAL: Never miss a workout that has deadlifts
  • STEP 3: BIGGEST BARRIER to action goal: Scheduling conflicts that come up
  • STEP 4: BEST STRATEGY to overcome barrier: Make IMG_8806 (1)up all deadlift workouts in open gym

DONE and DONE! Now we have our frequency commitment, our skill goal, and our strength goal for the year with an actual plan of attack to reach these goals. Fill out the worksheet, be realistic and let’s crush our goals this year! #donttalkaboutitbeaboutit #actionactionwewantaction #smartgainz

~Coach J

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