5 Reasons To Join A CrossFit Gym


5 Reasons To Join A CrossFit Gym

5 Reasons To Join A CrossFit Gym in 2017IMG_8727

If you are like most outsiders looking in, you are scared of CrossFit.
You believe you can’t do it OR you have to get in shape before you start.
Now ask yourself: “Am I where I want to be with my strength, appearance, endurance, speed, etc.?”
If the answer to this question is yes and you know all there is to know about reaching goals – you can stop reading now.
If the answer is no AND you aspire to get better at the above, surprise yourself by doing epic things, and like to save money, we encourage you to read on!

1. Save Money: What if I told you that joining a gym will save you THOUSAND$ of dollars each year? This is true in so many ways – from decreasing current/future medical cost to saving money immediately due to living a healthier lifestyle. Here are a few ways to save…

  • You’ll drink less. The nature of CF workouts persuades you to recover better by drinking less. Let’sIMG_8569 say instead of 5 cocktails per week, you now drink 2 – saving you somewhere between $25-30/week. That’s $1300-1560/year!
  • You’ll eat out less. By being surrounded with people and coaches who encourage you to cook and consume quality food, you’ll learn to be a self-sufficient eater. Let’s say instead of eating out (lunch included) 5 times each week at an average cost of $20/meal, you now go out twice – saving you $60/week. That’s $3120/year!
  • You’ll decrease your preventable hospital visits. IF that statement isn’t motivation enough, let’s put it in financial terms. The typical in-patient stay in a hospital is about 5 days with an expense of $1500-3000/day in the state of Illinois. You do the math…

2. Look Better Naked: Why do we workout? Yes – to get stronger, faster, and to not choke people in our everyday lives. But let’s face it; deep down (or on the surface) we all want to look better naked! Using a gym environment with a proven combo of programming, athlete education, accountability, and coaching – you’ll be well on your way to smiling in the mirror!IMG_8608

3. Elevate Your Social Circle: You are most-like the people you surround yourself with. Take a couple of minutes to analyze the 5 people you hang around the most. Are all of these people individuals you aspire to be or who make you a better person? If so, you’re on the right track. If not, it’s time to add some positive energy into your circle. A close-knit gym community will promote positivity, accountability, and fun into your everyday routines.

4. Improve Quality of Life: I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be the “old guy (or gal)” who can’t move. Who can’t enjoy life’s experiences because I failed to set myself up for longevity through exercise and a healthy lifestyle. It’s no secret that embarking on a consistent routine of quality movement can influence how “well” you live. There is no better time than NOW to take control of your health and improve your quality of life for years to come.

5. Become A Badass: Gym communities are full of teachers, lawyers, graphic designers, social IMG_7388workers, and other professionals who do epic things. Not because, they were athletes, but because they stepped inside the gym and outside of their comfort zone. Pull-ups, deadlifting your bodyweight, running the fastest mile of your life; the possibilities are endless with a safe environment, sound programming, and an unwavering support system of people just like you. Get excited to push your limits, exceed your expectations, and surprise yourself because you are a BADASS!

5b. Gym Dog: And if all of the above reasons aren’t for you…most CrossFit gyms have a gym dog! And gym dogs make EVERYTHING better. Unlimited butt sniffs, play, and snugs included. #bacon4prez

Here’s to crushing goals in 2017.

Coach Byron


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