Create YOUR Shelter-In-Place Schedule


Create YOUR Shelter-In-Place Schedule

My buddies! As you probably already know, I am a lover of routines…a super planner…that girl that makes a list after the fact, just so I can cross off all the things I accomplished. With that being said, this new world that we are living in right now is testing my ability to adapt fast to new circumstances.

Although there are many things that are “up in the air” currently, I have made it a point to get a schedule on paper. By schedule, I mean all the dang thangs…WORK, FOOD, FITNESS. You have heard this a million times but here it is again…

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”

As a gym family we have put together a Scoring Checklist on Wodify Rise that has been a HUGE help to keeping me moving, mobilizing, drinking the H20, and getting the sleeps. Here are a few other things that are helping me personally stay connected and on-track.


I have created a new bedtime and wake-up time schedule that allows for my 7+ hours of sleep. I have a start time for work and an end time…both very important for me because I can definitely get caught up in working all the dang hours and not having my chill/down time that is so important during high stress situations like these. I am personally staying busy and pushing myself to create as much content as possible while diving face first into a new gym platform to keep all my buddies together. As you can imagine, my cleaning schedule is living on with the hope that I am keeping the gym as clean as humanly possible so that when my friends can return we are ready for you with a safe gym environment.


I have a super basic meal planning template that I follow (essentially a notebook) where I write down my tentative plan for breakfast, lunches, dinners, snacks, bevies…you name it, I plan it. Typically, I make my plan, then go grocery shopping for the goods. With the current state of unexpected things that are missing at the grocery store these days; it might be better to see what is there, get what you can, and make your plan afterwards. If you plan to order in, I would just write that down as well. This helps me stay on track, not eat all my snacks in a day, and keeps me feeling somewhat sane. You can reference what I created for myself so that the Dyce Household is properly nourished.


As most of you know, we have options for the fitness via Remote GAINZ. Most of virtual classes I will be watching/coaching all my buddies so we can ensure everyone is moving like champions in the safety and comfort of their own homes. My fitness plan will tentatively be following along with classes and ALWAYS doing the Yoga with Sade on Sunday because this is so important for my headspace right now. After the first week of Remote GAINZ my body is pretty sore as it is trying to adapt to a new style of higher rep lower weight training. My plan is to keep an eye out on Saturday for the BP Week and pick the classes that fit for me and make sure to sneak in the rest/active recovery days to keep my body happy. 

Again, there is something about having a written-out schedule/plan that is crucial to staying on track and keeping my mind right during a strange time of solitude.

What are you doing to stay on track?

Coach Janelle