Why I LOVE Coaching


Why I LOVE Coaching

TOP TEN – Coach Janelle

  1. I feel like being a coach holds me to a higher standard of being. Personally I believe a part of my job is to “Leading From The Front” AKA “Practicing What I Preach.” I eat, sleep, and breathe fitness, nutrition, and recovery. I want to be the best example I can be for my athletes while still loving my life and being human. I hope that they see this in me.
  2. I believe that I can truly impact movement to improve the quality of life for my athletes. I am, 100% that coach, that fights for perfect movement so that my gym and athletes stay as injury free as possible for as long as possible. This way they can live their best lives strong and pain free.
  3. I love the challenge of “cue searching” and problem solving to find what works for each individual athlete. I want them to move to the best of their ability and I am able to communicate what I am looking for to the best of my ability. We all respond to different styles of cues (Verbal, Tactile, Visual) and it is part of my job to find the right cues for the right person that finally makes the cue click.
  4. The look on an athlete’s face when they realize success in a movement or a workout. That the work they put in has finally paid off and I get to share that happiness and success with them is so rewarding. 
  5. Making the everyday person, like you and me, realize that they are a capable athlete is undeniably my bread and butter. The fact that our bodies can accomplish such highly skilled movements with the perfect mix of belief, strength, and practice is an incredible thing.
  6. I get to witness the transformation of my athletes minds and bodies through movement which reveals itself in the most rewarding show of confidence – that is a beautiful visual.
  7. Coaching is an ever evolving skill that requires practice, experience, continuing education, and a big dose of trial and error. I get to create my very own recipe to reach and relate to people on a completely different wavelength.
  8. I love that I work in an environment where I get coached by my fellow coaches and I continue to coach myself to move better and learn new skills reinforcing growth so I can coach/teach you better.
  9. I love that my job has taken a very anxious and socially awkward Janelle and given me a platform to be completely me. My hope is that it gives others the “go-ahead” to feel that they can be themselves and let a little of their own weirdness shine through in our gym environment. 
  10. I am constantly challenged by my job: by athletes that take time for me to crack their code or by my fellow coaches to level up by doing better and being better.

I think many people believe that coaches become coaches because they are/were amazing athletes…I don’t love coaching because I love being an athlete or because I was some sort of amazing athlete – I love coaching because I love coaching for ALL of the reasons stated above and many more.  I am a Coach FIRST and an Athlete SECOND. My job is to coach YOU to be the best athlete you can be and I am dedicated to that because being a coach is the best part of me.

Coach J