Couch 2 CrossFit


Couch 2 CrossFit

We are looking for 30 motivated people who are tired of being out of shape and ready to be the “fit” person in the room. Couch to CrossFit is a 6-week program focused on kick-starting your fitness journey. CLICK HERE –>

What Do You Get?

  • 3-5x Coached Classes Each Week
  • Nutrition Plan & Advice
  • Access to Bluprint’s Industry Leading Coaching Staff
  • Strong Community of Go-Getters
  • 24/7 Accountability
  • And of course RESULTS (BF% Lost and Muscle Gain – aka shreds)

Who is Couch to CrossFit For?

  • Beginners with little to no CrossFit experience.
  • Athletes who lost their routine and are looking to get it back.
  • Anyone wanting to get in the best shape of their life.

*We use simple movements in ways that create fun and challenging workouts. We’ll coach you on how to move, how to get results, and how to be a badass!

When are Class Times?

**Classes Start Monday, June 25th @ 6:00 PM**

  • Monday: 7am/6pm
  • Tuesday: 6am/6pm
  • Wednesday: 7am/6pm
  • Thursday: 6am/6pm
  • Friday: 6am/7am
  • Saturday: N/A
  • Sunday: 8:30am

What to expect…

There is no better way to kick off your road back to being fit then with Couch to CrossFit at Bluprint Fitness! Couch to CrossFit is a program for anyone and everyone! Look forward to a welcoming environment that reduces stress, deflates CrossFit myths, is FUN, and ultimately provides an avenue for ongoing success.

Participants will be motivated, ready to take over the world, and begin their journey to being stronger, faster, and healthier!

The 6-week Couch to CrossFit program is delivered over 18+ coached sessions starting on July 2nd at 6:00pm. Each session will be jammed packed full of fun, fitness, coaching, and sweat!

Together we’ll warm-up, learn skills, get stronger, get conditioned, get mobile, and celebrate our successes! One benefit of our program is that it can be scaled for anyone and everyone, up or down, regardless of experience or athletic ability. The only thing you’ll remember will be how much fun you have moving around and breaking a sweat!

We are talking about:

  • Working out 3-5x/week.
  • Learning how to eat healthy in a way that you like.
  • Working hard.
  • Getting RESULTS.

Cost: $299

For those of you motivated go-getters still reading this, you are the people that WILL SUCCEED. Please apply by clicking here: and if there isn’t a time you can make – leave your contact info and we’ll call you to set up a time.

P.S. It’s time to write your success story.

We’re located in West Town between Ashland and Damen, at 1828 W Hubbard St Suite B, Chicago, IL 60622. For directions and parking information, click here.