Communication at Bluprint


Communication at Bluprint

At Bluprint Fitness we believe that communication creates clarity. And when it comes to reaching your health & fitness goals, having a clear picture of how to get there is a powerful tool. To get a better idea of how and why we communicate, take a look at the core of Bluprint Fitness below. ALL decisions made at Bluprint align with these principles.

The Bluprint Mission

The mission of Bluprint is to be the leading results-driven gym worldwide. Using our wealth of knowledge to differentiate Bluprint services, we seek to develop the most inspiring, innovative, fun, and educational fitness environment in the world.

Bluprint Core Values

The business will be run based on these core values.

1.  People as a Competitive Advantage

We believe that the core to any great business begins and ends with the quality of its people.

2.  Responsibility

We believe in “Social Responsibility” and the importance of giving back to our community.

3.  Innovate and Embrace Change

We believe that innovation is essential to continually motivate and create results for our clients.

4.  Deliver WOW Through Service

We believe that anything worth doing is worth doing with WOW.

5.  Ethics

We strive for the highest ethical standards with team members, customers, and our communities.

Methods of Communication

At Bluprint we use what we call a “communication tripod” to make sure all athletes are reached. We use 1) in person, 2) email/phone, and 3) social media channels to update athletes on current events, programming, and policies & procedures.

It’s Not Personal

Bluprint Fitness is a high-touch coaching atmosphere. Meaning we’re going to be 100% honest when it comes to setting you up for success and creating the environment we feel is best for RESULTS. Sometimes we’re going to tell you things you may not necessary agree with. Just know that our honesty comes from a place of belief in you and a belief in our systems (both fitness and business). No communication is in any way shape or form targeting a certain individual. Nor is it meant to be interpreted in a way that doesn’t create positive change.

“Good communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity.” – Nat Turner