CrossFit Open Details


CrossFit Open Details

The Workout Announced

Each week during the CrossFit Open the workouts will be announced on Thursday evenings at 7:00pm ( Exercise demos and standards will then be listed on the website for you to check out prior to completing each week’s workout. There are Scaled and Rx versions of each workout and it’s best to ask your team coach what’s the best option for you if you have questions on a particular week.

Completing Workout In Class

There are two designated class times to complete this workout with the squad:

  • Friday 6:00-7:00 PM
  • Saturday 9:00-11:00 AM

Each week, you’ll need to reserve your spot in class on Wodify by FRIDAY at 12:00 PM (NOON) for both Friday & Saturday class times.

We use a ‘peer judging’ system and expect you to uphold the standards as an athlete and a judge. Heat/Judge schedules will be created and sent on Friday evenings.

Completing Workout In Open Gym

If you can’t make one of the class times, you have the ability to complete the workout during an Open Gym time. This workout has to be judged and you are responsible for making arrangements to have a peer with you to be your judge.

Submitting Your Score Online

You are responsible for submitting your score on each week by Monday at 5:00pm. It’s also a great idea to plug this in Wodify so you’ve got some stats when we do these workouts outside of the CrossFit Open time.

Scoring Points For Your Team

In this year’s CrossFit Open, athletes will be divided into four teams with coach captains:


  • 2 Points – Complete the workout during the Friday/Saturday community event.
  • 1 Point – Complete the workout any other time.


  • 2 Points – Complete prescribed mobility post workout (prior to leaving the gym).


  • 2 Points – Dress according to the week’s “theme”.


  • 4 Points – Completing your team’s dance of the week following completion of the workout (Coach’s Choice).

Your Goals For The CrossFit Open

We all have a different goal when it comes to the CrossFit Open each year, but it’s important that we ALL keep the following in mind during the Open.

  1. Complete All The Workouts In Awesome Positions
  2. Have Integrity With Movement Standards
  3. Encourage Your Peers
  4. Be Realistic With Expectations
  5. Be Positive