Homepage Testimonials

stars“The staff is as strong and as encouraging as ever, and they keep it 100% fun, while still challenging and making athlete safety a top priority.”

– Dustin S.

stars“If I could give Bluprint and the coaching staff 12 stars I would.”

– George N.

stars“The coaching is exceptional and the programming is excellent.”

– Natalie R.

stars“The best part about this place – the people!”

– Catherine C.

stars“I am stronger, more confident, and definitely in better shape than I have been in a long time. I WANT to go workout and when I don’t I miss it. It’s so much more than gym!”

– Leigha L.

stars“Bluprint is by far, hands down the best gym I have ever attended.”

– Cate D.

stars“The community at Bluprint is so supportive and friendly, I find myself making excuses to go to workout instead of excuses to get out of working out!”

– Anne B.

stars“I love this place and it has become more than just a gym, it’s a happy community of like-minded friends that I am proud to be a part of!”

– Claire C.

stars“This gym not only changed my fitness level, it shifted my lifestyle into a better one.”

– Gretta G.

stars“The Bluprint family is supportive and encouraging, and create an environment that fosters hard work, growth, and team spirit!”

– Brenetta H.