Build Volume – Smart GAINZ


Build Volume – Smart GAINZ

There’s a common myth when it comes to “building volume” in the CrossFit world.

The Myth: the only way to build volume is by completing multiple workouts every week with high volume of specific movements.

When the CrossFit movement officially started in 2000, it was based on CrossFit Founder – Greg Glassman’s previous experience. Workouts were originally designed to simulate the feelings athletes and fighters felt during real competition. Fast forward to now, the year 2019, CrossFit has evolved with a broadened scope of health & fitness. We now have years of data to formulate programs to help turn Cindy the teacher into the badass who can do Murph as prescribed, clean & jerk her body weight, and run a 5k under 24 minutes.

By testing and re-testing various workout structures, the students of fitness have begun to formulate programs that yield high results and low injury rates.

At Bluprint Fitness, we do just that.

Put athletes in the best positions to reach goals while keeping them safe along the way. So how do we do things like improve overall health & fitness AND build volume?

Four-Step Process

Step1: Follow The General Prep (GPP) Program

The workouts at Bluprint Fitness are based on equal parts scientific and anecdotal evidence. What this means is that we test and retest proven methods first, adjust programs in real time to yield better results (stronger, faster, leaner, safer), and continually refine these methods. The GPP program will both illuminate your strengths and expose your weakness. Which leads to step 2.

Step2: Improve Positioning by Working on Weak Links

The second piece to building volume is to bulletproof your body and prepare it for high volume work. To do this, both mobility and stability must be present in the joints being worked. From a mobility standpoint, you probably already know which joints need the most work for you specifically but here are the main culprits – ankle, knee, hips, spine, shoulders, elbows, wrist. From a stability standpoint, this comes in the form of strict strength and working your joint stabilizers. Think strict gymnastics, cross over symmetry, hip halos, accessories, etc.

Step3: Build Volume with Minimal Fatigue

Our favorite way to do this is in timed intervals. Think EMOM (every minute on the minute) or E2MIN (every 2 minutes). Let’s use the pull-up as an example:

10 Minute EMOM: 7 Pull-Ups

That’s 70 pull-ups in a 10-minute span without the large amount of fatigue during a workout with multiple movements.

Step4: Periodically Test Your Volume Under Duress

This is where you get to test out the amount of work you’ve been putting in with steps 1-3. Think of this as your “game”. This game can’t be played too often, or we invite Mean Ol’ Mr. Injury. If this game is properly placed within your routine, it yields AWESOME results in the form of high volume in great positions.

So here’s how-to make it happen with Smart GAINZ

  1. Identify your main volume goal.
  2. Pick your workout days.
  3. Identify your weak links.
  4. Formulate a plan.

Example Weekly Structure

  • Monday – GPP + Volume Building (step 3)
  • Tuesday – GPP + Weak Link Work (step 2)
  • Wednesday – GPP Only
  • Thursday – Weak Link Work + Volume Building (step 2&3)
  • Friday – GPP Only (weightlifting)
  • Saturday – Test Volume Under Duress (step 4)

Current Bluprint Athletes: moving BETTER must take priority before moving MORE. By being smart about your training, you set yourself up for long-term health & fitness success. Sometimes the hardest part about training is committing to the process of being a better all around athlete. The above structure will help you do just that and all of the Bluprint coaches are more than willing to help you formulate a plan.

Future Bluprint Athletes: when you start to formulate your goals and “why” you’d like to be a part of Bluprint Fitness, know that our main objective is to help you reach your goals in the most efficient ways possible while keeping you safe along the way.

Coach Byron