3 Things People Getting In Shape Do To Succeed…


3 Things People Getting In Shape Do To Succeed…

We are talking all about success. More specifically what 3 things people getting in shape are doing right now to reach their goals.

Now while there are tons of things you can do to get in shape, we’ve found that focusing on 3 or less at a time creates the most success. Chances are, you’ve already tried to get in shape in the past only to fall short.

We often find that the biggest problem with trying to get in shape is doing too much at once. Truth is, if you really want to change your lifestyle to become your best self, you’ve gotta do it one step at a time.

So what 3 things are people doing right now to get in shape.

#1 – Time Blocking: People getting in shape are prioritizing their workout time. Each week, they are planning in advance when they’ll workout. They’re usually planning to workout 3-5x each week and nothing will stop them from reaching that frequency goal.

#2 – Having Fun: People getting in shape are having fun doing it! And to sustain a fitness routine, fun must be had. And what makes a routine fun is the people around you. Find a fitness environment where the music is energizing, the people are nice, and the coaches are welcoming.

#3 – Eating What They Like: People getting in shape are eating the healthy foods that they like. No more consuming plain chicken & broccoli to get in shape if you don’t like it. Make a list of the healthy foods you like, and stick with them. Creating a healthy lifestyle is about balance, not restriction.

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Coach Byron