Phase 4.5 – Reopening Bluprint


Phase 4.5 – Reopening Bluprint

On May 14th, the city of Chicago entered the “Bridge Phase” of reopening (get excited ?). Bluprint Fitness is following with a Phase 4.5 of the Reopening Bluprint Blueprint. Below are the details that all participating members need to know and follow for a safe transition back to unmasked in-person training.


CLASS SCHEDULE (subject to change)

  • Monday: 6:00am, 7:15am, Open Gym 8:30-9:30am, 4:30pm, 5:45pm, 7:00pm
  • Tuesday: 6:00am, Open Gym 8:30-9:30am, 7:15am, 4:30pm, 5:45pm, 7:00pm
  • Wednesday: 6:00am, 7:15am, Open Gym 8:30-9:30am, 4:30pm, 5:45pm, 7:00pm
  • Thursday: 6:00am, 7:15am, 4:30pm, 5:45pm, Open Gym 7:00-8:00pm
  • Friday: 6:00am, 7:15am, 4:30pm, 5:45pm
  • Saturday: 8:00am, 9:00am, Open Gym 10:00-11:00am
  • Sunday: Closed


  • In-House (Class Limit 20-24 Person Capacity): Classes Monday-Saturday with a strength & condition focus on Mon/Wed/Fri and a conditioning focus on Tue/Thu/Sat. Masks are required at all times within the space. Space is equipped with individual workout pods that are spaced at least 6 feet apart from all angles.
  • Masks & Vaccination Verification: As of August 20th, 2021 – masks are required for all individuals (including vaccinated. To verify vaccination status, send an email to [email protected] that includes a picture of your Vaccination Card. The CDC and city officials recommend that anyone who is not vaccinated that is able to – get vaccinated.
  • Class Reservations: Open 168 hours (or 7-days) prior to class and are available up until class starts.
  • Class Cancellation Policy: Because of the limited capacity, there will be a strict cancelation policy in place. Athletes will have up until 3 hours prior to class to cancel a reservation. If a reservation is cancelled within 3 hours of class start time, it’s considered a “late cancellation” and a $5 fee will automatically be applied on Wodify. A reservation is considered a “no-show” if the athlete does not attend class and does not cancel the reservation. A “no-show” will incur a $10 fee automatically applied through Wodify.
  • Class Entry Protocol: Each athlete is required to wear a mask anywhere except for in their “workout station”. Upon arrival, athletes will enter the space at the “check-in” station where they will 1) apply hand sanitizer, 2) take their temperature (must be below 100 to enter), 3) grab a cleaning towel, and 4) make their way to their workout station.
  • Social Distancing: The “workout floor” will continue to be spaced so there is at least 6 feet between workout stations. These stations will be pre-set with needed equipment.
  • Station Cleaning Protocol: Following the mobilization portion of class, athletes will spray their cleaning towel with disinfectant and clean their used equipment. If necessary, stations will move prior to the next class starting and the previous area will be sanitized and left to dry.
  • Class Exit Protocol: After class, athletes will exit the “workout floor” the way they entered maintaining social distance from other athletes. At the check-out station, athletes will 1) place their used cleaning towel in a receptacle, 2) apply hand sanitizer, and 3) exit the gym.
  • What To Bring To Class: 1) wear a mask, 2) filled water bottle, 3) personal mat, 4) a positive attitude.


How Many Double PODS: There are three double POD spots (2 front room/1 back room) located on the workout floor. Available for use starting the week of April 19, 2021.

Who Can Pair Up:

  1. Couples.
  2. Athletes in the same social bubble.
  3. Fully vaccinated athletes.

BEST Practice Pair Up Scenarios:

  1. Strength & Conditioning (Same Sex Pairs): Because of the limited weight selection, pairs will need to share a barbell/rack during the strength portion of workouts. This will work smoothest with same sex pairs because of weight being used and the size of the bars. As you may or may not know there are designated “male” and “female” bars based on the diameter of the bars themselves. This isn’t something that we created as a program, it’s based on the average anatomy of the male/female body in regards to hand size.
  1. Conditioning (No Preference): On days where conditioning is the main focus, we shouldn’t run into any issues with pairing types. 


  • Because of the logistics involved, cardio machines will remain in their designated pods so make sure to pick the pod with the piece of equipment you plan on using.
  • Double PODS will be required for any class with 18-20 athletes reserved. If there are 17 or fewer athletes in class, double PODS can be used as a “single” pod (think of them as hotel suites).
  • If you fall into the category of “Who Can Pair Up” but prefer not to, please let the coaching team know by sending an email to [email protected] .
  • PODS are still color coded.


With the shift back to in-house classes, Bluprint Coaches’ time requirements have shifted. Because of limited bandwidth, if this is something you are interested in, reach out to [email protected] as soon as possible to secure a spot. Packages from 1 to 12 sessions available – limited spots.


  • 30 Minute Personal Training Sessions
  • $50/Session
  • TBD Availability (limited)


In Phase 4 we’ll now have the ability to onboard new athletes into group classes. The in-person class protocols present in the section above all stand true for the initial Baseline Class.

New athletes will start their journey at Bluprint Fitness with a 15-min discovery call followed by a Baseline Class that runs in-house at 6:45pm on Thursdays. Baseline Class Includes:

  • Body Fat Test
  • Progress Pics
  • Movement Screen
  • Baseline Workout
  • Wodify Walk-Through