We are not created equal


We are not created equal

We are all different.

I have a problem with dietary recommendations that are one size fits all. Although our DNA is 99.9% the same, crazy I know, that .1% actually makes a huge difference and is what gives us all our uniqueness 😉 This is referred to as polymorphisms for those of you who are interested in delving deeper into some research. What this means is there are differences from person to person regarding how we respond to foods and macronutrient breakdown (i.e. carb-fat-protein ratios). Speeds of metabolisms also differ, making our ideal nutrient intake unique as well.

An example of a polymorphism is how we deal with caffeine. If you are a fast oxidizer (speedier metabolism) you probably respond better to caffeine because it leaves your system relatively fast. If you are a slow oxidizer (slower metabolism), caffeine in the system for longer periods of time can have adverse affects. Caffeine in reasonable doses (2 cups of coffe per day) may be healthier for fast oxidizers.

Another pet peeve of mine along the same subject line is the statement: “EVERYONE should eat blank (broccoli for example) because it is healthy.” Hmmm…I call bullshit. A Rule of Thumb: If you don’t like it, it gives you gas, makes you lethargic and/or feel just generally crappy….for the love of everything holy, don’t put it in your mouth! I don’t care how many times Dr. Oz told you too 🙂

So the moral of the story is, don’t be afraid to go against what your husband or best friend eats and make your choices based on what works for YOU.