How Many Vegetables Should I Eat?


How Many Vegetables Should I Eat?

Vegetables…sigh…the forgotten food group. Having looked at a few diets recently I find myself counting the vegetable servings on one hand or sadly not counting one vegetable all day…I think to myself… can this be real life?

Considering the recommendation for 8-12 servings of fruits and vegetables per day, where is the disconnect? Getting the fruit doesn’t seem to be the issue, normally just the veggies are the slacking variable. Not too surprising that at dinner your options are French fries, mashed potato, rice, or bread with your meal (that’s already on a bun:) The pickle, tomato slice and lettuce sprig on your burger hardly counts as a serving.

Why are they so important?
Think of veggies as equipping you with an army of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and plant chemicals that promote and are essential for peak physiological function. Not to mention the defense you are building to fight off cancer, diabetes, heart disease and free radical damage. I know we have all gone to “pound town” one time or another on those Fiber One “candy bars” because, well fiber is good for us. Pretty sure whatever else is added to those bars definitely cancels out any possible health benefit. Good news, vegetables offer fiber that will better promote blood sugar control, digestive health and keep you fuller longer. Another benefit of veggies is how they balance acidity in the system. This balance is super important because too much acidity in the system can actually decrease bone and muscle mass…bad news bears. So suck it up and get yo veggies up 🙂

The serving size:
1 cup leafy veggies
1/2 cup chopped raw/cooked veggies
1 medium fruit or 1/2 cup raw chopped

Take a look at your intake for a day…the results might blow you away:) Work up slowly, but if you take anything away from this…get yo veggies up!