WOD Tuesday CrossFit


WOD Tuesday CrossFit

Bluprint Fitness – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

3 Min Run/Row/Ride

Partner Stiff-Legged Bear Crawl + Sprint 2xGLap (Partner Rest)

PVC Halo/TMC/Frog Jump 2x5e/10/10 (30s)

Skill Practice

Split Jerk (12-15 Minutes)

Step 1: PVC Split Jerk 2×3 w/ 10s OH Hold On Last Rep (30s)

Step 2: 3@Bar, 3@50%, 2@60%, Then 3×1@70% (1.5-2 Min)

IF you do not have a %, workout up to HBD PRETTY ONES

Dip Drive Focus


Metcon (Calories)

12-Minute EMOTM

Min 1: 10 Box Jumps (S-AC, Rx-20/24, Rx+24/30)

Min 2: 12 Pull-Ups (S-Jumping/3010 Ring Row, Rx-Chin, Rx+C2B)

Min 3: Row Sprint (S-7/9, Rx-9/11, Rx+11/13)

Last Row Sprint: 60s ALL OUT SPRINT

Record Row Cals From 60s Sprint

Cool Down

Plank Plate Pull (2-3×16 @ 15/25 (1 Min Rest))


Foam Roll Lats (1 Min Each)

Foam Roll Glutes (1 Min Each)

Static Scorpion Stretch (1 Min Each)