WOD Thursday Barbell Club


WOD Thursday Barbell Club

Bluprint Fitness – Bluprint Barbell Club


Warm-up (No Measure)

3 Min Run/Row/Ride

PT/Spider Lunge/Crab Walk/Air Squat 2×10/Gle/Gle/10 (30s)

Burgener Series (Full Position) + Jerk 2x2e @ Bar (30-60s)


1: Clean and Jerk (3@Bar, 2@50%, 2@65%, 1@75% Then 4-6 Sets to 1RM)

*1-3 Min Rest

*Max 3 Close Misses @ Same WT

2: Hang Power Snatch (5@Bar, 3@LT WT, 2@50%, Then 3×3@60-70%)

*Percentage based off 1RM Snatch

*1.5-2 Min Rest

*Unbroken Reps

3: DB Split Squat (5e@BW, 3e@LT WT, Then 3x8e @ HBD WT)

*1 Min Rest

*KB/DB in Farmer Carry Position

*Suggested WTs: BW, 20/30, 30+/45+


Lax Ball Shoulder I/R Smash (2 Spots Each Side 30-60s Each)

Foam Roll Adductors (1 Min Each)

Wall Stretch (1+ Min Each)