Turkey Day Tricks


Turkey Day Tricks

It’s Thanksgiving…

A day full of family, friends, football, and that meal(s) we’ve been waiting on ALL year!

This calls for a celebration, right!?

And with celebration usually comes an easy entry into a spiral of indulgence that rides into the New Year…

I’m not saying ‘don’t indulge’. Truth is, you’ve probably earned this day. You’ve been in the gym and watching what you eat on the reg. What I am saying is indulge within reason. Use your knowledge and your motivation to pick and choose your favorites and pass on the modern indulgences that you CAN live without.

So how do we combat potentially derailing our goals?

Check out these 5 tips that help us stay semi-on track during the holidays!

Accountability is half the battle when trying to stay on track. Pick a friend or family member to make a bet with. Bet that friend/family that you are going to indulge less this year. Make a measure of success to assess how well you do (ex. Less than 3 alcoholic drinks, 1 slice of pie instead of 3…you get the idea). Bet this person something substantial…let’s call it $100 and stand by your word. I’m sure you won’t have an issue finding someone to take this bet (there is no risk for them).

You have all heard this before, but have you actually tried it? This trick takes on multiple meanings…but hopefully this means generally less sugary drinks and booze. Chill out, enjoy the day, and don’t drink so much so fast you miss out on the festivities.

Thanksgiving tends to be a day of “over-eating” because there is so much to choose from. Automatic feedback tells me this is extremely uncomfortable and generally not fun. Make it a goal this Thanksgiving to enjoy without over-indulging, your belly will thank you.

Slowing down gives your body a chance to signal satisfaction so you don’t end up bloated, curled up in a ball, with pants unbuttoned on the couch. Set your fork down, have a conversation, and reflect on the things you’re thankful for.

Whatever the medium that fits you best…do something active. For me, it’s mostly for my sanity and stress levels around the holidays. But this also helps combat the ‘loose’ eating habits during this time of the year.

There is nothing ground-breaking here, all things you’ve heard before but the key is to draw your awareness.

CURRENT/FUTURE BLUPRINT ATHLETES: Write your goals down AND keep them with you this Holiday Season. I challenge you to be better this Thanksgiving than last and keep the ball rolling. A little better today goes a long way.