Can You Workout When Injured?


Can You Workout When Injured?

Injuries SUCK!

I’m sure you’ve said that a time or two during your lifetime.

And if you’re an active person,
injuries feel like the kryptonite to your superman (or woman).

So should you become sedentary and cease all physical
activity when you are injured?


Be active during your recovery because you’re that person
who gets the most out of EVERYTHING you do…

So why do I bring this up?

Two weeks ago, I sprained an ankle playing in a flag football game.
First sprained ankle since high school…
I know, what a bummer!

And to keep up with my fitness, I put together some fun
routines that would get me sweating while working around the injury.

Check out a few of these below.

Routine 1 – Ankle Real Sore/Swollen
A.   Warm-Up
B.   Strict C2B Pull-Up: Awkward Grips 5×5 (90s Rest)
C1. 10 Ring Push-Ups
C2. 10 Back Extensions
C3. 2 Min Airdyne Sprint
3-4 Rounds w/ 2 Min Rest
D.  Hanging L-Sits 4x20s (60s Rest)
E.   Mobilize

Routine 2 – Ankle Walkable w/ Moderate Discomfort
A.   Warm-Up
B.   SL Wall Reach 3×8 (60-90s Rest)
C1. 10 Kipping C2B Pull-Ups
C2. Gym Length DB Bear Crawl
4 Rounds – 90s Rest
D.   KB Complex: RW-L/RW-R/Ribbon/Fig 8/Alt KBS/OH Cradle Hold/Wall Sit
4 Rounds 30s on Each Movement (KB DOES NOT TOUCH THE GROUND)
E.   Mobilize

Routine 3 – Ankle Walkable w/ Mild Discomfort
A.   Warm-Up
B.   Inverted Ring Row 3×8 (60s Rest)
C1. 10 DB Z Press
C2. 15 T2B
3 Rounds -90s Rest
D.   Airdyne Calorie Ladder 100-75-50-25 (3 Min Rest Between Sets)
E.   Mobilize

CURRENT/FUTURE BLUPRINT ATHLETES: Mild injuries don’t mean you are cripple. They mean you have to get creative with your physical activity. Chances are you will have some form of mild injury in your lifespan and I challenge you to be the active person that others envy!