Skill Sessions & Keys to Success


Skill Sessions & Keys to Success

Skill (skil): noun meaning a particular ability.

Is there a movement holding you back from completing workouts as Rx? Or a movement that slows you down significantly during METCONs? Something you want to be ready for in the CrossFit Open workouts?

IF so, some skill sessions may be your answer!

In the gym setting, there are infinite amount of skills to learn and master. Depending on your goals, these may fall into the Gymnastics, Olympic Lifting, or the Strength category.

Skill sessions at Bluprint Fitness are 30-minute 1-on-1 personalized skill practices. Coaches individualize progressions to help you reach your skill goals in smart and proven way. Check out some of the most common practiced skills below.

Pull-Up Variations
Handstand Walk
Handstand Push-Ups
Muscle Up Variations

Olympic Lifts
Snatch Variations
Clean & Jerk Variations
Oly Accessories

Squat Variations (Back, OH, Front, Box, etc.)
Deadlift Variations (Traditional, Sumo, Deficit, Stiff-Legged, etc.)
Press Variations (Strict, Bench, Incline, etc.)

Hip Joint
Ankle Joint
Shoulder Joint
Knee Joint

How-To Get Started
Step 1: Check the monthly skill focus and schedule to insure the skills of the month and the time slots fit your needs.
Step 2: Purchase 1 or 3 skill sessions.
Step 3: Reserve your skill session 5 days in advance.

Cost: $45/One Session or $135/Three Session