Pick The RIGHT Goal


Pick The RIGHT Goal

You probably clicked on this blog ready to read all about SMART goals…

  • S-pecific (goal is direct, detailed, and meaningful)
  • M-easurable (goal is quantifiable to track progress or success)
  • A-ttainable (goal is realistic and you have the tools/resources to attain it)
  • R-elevant (goal aligns with your wants/needs)
  • T-ime Based (goal has a deadline)

And while creating SMART goals is extremely important for successfully reaching your goals, it’s step 2 in the process! So what’s step 1?

Step 1 is picking which goal to work on FIRST!

If you are like me, you’ve got more than just one goal when it comes to your health & fitness. Pull-ups, push-ups, back squat strength, deadlifting, the list could go on-and-on in one giant circle…

And to organize this pinball machine of goals in my head, I needed something that CLEARLY showed me which goals to work on first.

Goal Ranking System


  • Step1: Pick your top 3 goals that you’d currently like to accomplish.
  • Step2: “Rank” each goal in order of alignment with the system questions (1-most aligns with question and 3-least aligns with question).
  • Step3: Add up all the numbers for each goal.
  • Step4: The goal with the lowest sum is the FIRST goal to work on.

*Tiebreaker: in the case that there is a tie for first place, pick the goal you feel would be the cooler of the two and work on that first.


  1. Which goal makes me the most upset that I don’t have yet?
  2. Which goal am I “closest” to accomplishing?
  3. Which goal am I willing to work on 2+ times each week until I reach it?
  4. Which goal do I have the most resources to accomplish?
  5. Which goal has the fewest “pre-steps” specific to me to accomplish? (examples: c2b pull-up volume is a pre-step to the muscle up, athlete specific bodyweight is a pre-step to the pull-up, full ROM air squat is a pre-step to a new 1RM back squat, limiting alcohol consumption is a pre-step to losing body fat, etc.)

Now that you have a clear picture of which goal to work on first, make it a SMART goal, schedule your plan, and GET TO WORK!

Coach Byron