Phase 3 – Reopening Bluprint


Phase 3 – Reopening Bluprint

As the city of Chicago starts to cautiously reopen on June 3rd, 2020 (get excited ?), Bluprint Fitness is following with a Phase 3 of the Reopening Bluprint Blueprint. Below are the details that all participating members need to know and follow for a safe re-entry back to in-person training.



The only in-person training we can conduct during the early stages of Phase 3 is 1-on-1 personal training. Because of limited bandwidth, if this is something you are interested in, reach out to [email protected] as soon as possible to secure a spot. Packages from 2 to 12 sessions available for purchase and will be the main way to start getting back to the barbell in a safe way.


  • 30-Minute Personal Training Sessions
  • $50/Session
  • TBD Availability (limited)

Athlete/Coach Procedure 

  1. Athletes wear a mask at arrival and inside Bluprint Fitness except for at their individual personal training station.
  2. Coach wears a mask the entire session practicing social distancing when possible.
  3. Athlete temperature checked upon arrival (no touch forehead reader).
  4. Athlete hands sanitized upon arrival (provided by coach).
  5. Coach is responsible for cleaning up & sanitizing personal training station following CDC & Bluprint protocols.
  6. Athlete’s hands sanitized before leaving (provided by coach).


In Phase 3 we’ll now have the ability to bring new athletes in with a 1-on-1 onboarding session prior to jumping in class. The athlete/coach protocols present in the personal training section above all stand true for onboarding sessions as well.

Onboarding Sessions Include

  • Body Fat Test
  • Progress Pics
  • Movement Screen
  • Baseline Workout
  • Wodify Walk-Through

Note: new athletes will still need to jump on a 15-min discovery call with a Bluprint Coach prior to scheduling an Onboarding Session (space is limited).


During the early stages of Phase 3 virtual classes will still be the dominant Live Class option. Class will take place in the same Bluprint Fitness Zoom room athletes have been rocking since March. These classes will also stream live or be recorded and posted in the Members Only FB Group.

Class Schedule (Subject to Change)

  • Monday: 12pm & 6pm
  • Wednesday: 12pm & 6pm
  • Friday: 12pm & 5pm
  • Saturday: 9am

Bluprint Fitness Zoom Room


One of the biggest changes in phase 3 is the entry of in-person group training in an outside setting. We’ve secured a piece of a parking lot steps away from Bluprint Fitness (behind 431 N. Wolcott) where we’ll start to trickle in classes as we see fit from a safety and efficiency standpoint. 

  • Class Limit: 10 athletes (no exceptions).
  • Class Reservations: Open 72 hours prior to class and are available up until class starts. Classes can be found under the “Open Gym” drop-down menu on Wodify and titled “Outside WOD”.
  • Class Cancellation Policy: Because of the limited capacity, there will be a strict cancelation policy in place. Athletes will have up until 3 hours prior to class to cancel a reservation. If a reservation is cancelled within 3 hours of class start time, it’s considered a “late cancellation” and a $5 fee will automatically be applied on Wodify. A reservation is considered a “no-show” if the athlete does not attend class and does not cancel the reservation. A “no-show” will incur a $10 fee automatically applied through Wodify.
  • Class Entry Protocol: Each athlete is required to wear a mask anywhere except for in their “workout station”. Upon arrival, athletes will enter the space at the “check-in” station where a coach will 1) take temperatures, 2) apply hand sanitizer, 3) hand out cleaning towels, and 4) point athletes to their workout station.
  • Social Distancing: The “workout floor” will be spaced so there is at least 10 feet between workout stations. These stations will be pre-set with needed equipment and the athlete will remain in the station the entire workout.
  • Station Cleaning Protocol: Following the mobilization portion of class, a Bluprint Coach will spray down used equipment at each station with a bleach & water solution. The athlete will then wipe down all used equipment with the towel provided before class. If necessary, stations will move prior to the next class starting and the previous area will be sanitized and left to dry.
  • Class Exit Protocol: After class, athletes will exit the “workout floor” the way they entered maintaining social distance from other athletes. At the check-out station, athletes will 1) place their used cleaning towel in a receptacle, 2) apply hand sanitizer (by coach), and 3) exit prior to anyone else entering the space.
  • What To Bring To Class: 1) wear a mask, 2) filled water bottle, 3) personal mat (if athletes do not want to workout entirely on the concrete), 4) a positive attitude.
  • Class Schedule (Subject to Change)
    • Tuesday: 6:00am, 7:00am, 8:00am, 4:00pm, 5:00pm, 6:00pm
    • Thursday: 6:00am, 7:00am, 8:00am, 4:00pm, 5:00pm, 6:00pm
  • Weather: If the weather is not cooperating on days with schedules outside workouts, class will be moved to the Bluprint Fitness Zoom room.


We’ve created a system for athletes to utilize the gym space in a safe and effective way through uncoached open gym times and here are the details. Disclaimer: If at any point, the above are violated by an athlete, open gym privileges will be revoked.

4 Time Slots

  • Monday: 8:00-8:50am (5 spots available)
  • Monday: 9:00-9:30am (5 spots available)
  • Wednesday: 8:00-8:50am (5 spots available)
  • Wednesday: 9:00-9:50am (5 spots available)


  • Open 72 hrs prior
  • Late cancellation = inside 3 hrs of start time.
  • No-show = reservation is not cancelled & athlete does not show.

Time Slot Breakdown

  • Minute 0-40: Workout
  • Minute 40-50: Clean Area & Equipment

Open Gym Requirements

  1. Advance Wodify registration required w/ late cancellation & no-show penalties.
  2. Temperature check & hand sanitation upon entry/exit of the facility.
  3. Mask worn any time an athlete is outside of their designated area.
  4. Athletes exit facility on time (no exceptions).
  5. Athletes required to use their own timing devices.
  6. Dedicated to uncoached skill practice (coaches are there to let athletes in/out of the facility).


There are a few places to checkout the Remote GAINZ daily workouts:

  • Wodify: select “Open Gym” from the drop-down menu to see Remote GAINZ workouts or “CrossFit” to see the in-person “outside workouts”.
  • Instagram: @remoteGAINZ
  • YouTube: Remote GAINZ


“Accountability is the glue that ties commitment to the result.” – Bob Proctor

Round 2 of the Wodify Rise Accountability Challenge starts on Monday, June 8th. Big shoutout to the top scorers from round 1. They’ll reap the benefits of early access to in-person class reservations, some Bluprint Fitness swag, and of course RESULTS.


  1. Download Wodify Rise app (iPhone or Droid).
  2. Join the P3 Accountability Challenge HERE.
  3. Enter points daily to stay on track during Phase 3.

How To Score Points:

Everyday, you’ll have the ability to score points based on the five tasks listed below. Each task is worth 1 daily point, meaning there are 5 points available each day. 

  • (1) Completing A Workout – Prescribed or of Your Own Making
  • (1) Completing Your Mobility
  • (1) Drinking 64-96 oz of Water   
  • (1) Tagging Bluprint In One of Your Meals (FB or Instagram)
  • (1) Getting 7+ Hours of Sleep

What’s In It For You

  • Staying on track towards your goals.
  • Staying sane while out of the gym.
  • Scores of 90% or above will receive bragging rights and exclusive Bluprint swag.

Disclaimer: These are fluid policies, procedures, and structures. As a team, Bluprint Fitness will stay up-to-date and informed on the subject of COVID-19 protocols and adjust when necessary based on CDC and local government guidelines. We appreciate your patience and dedication.

Coach Byron