Just Show Up Challenge

6-Week Fitness Challenge for $99!

Just Show Up Challenge

WHAT: 6-Week Fitness challenge that includes:

  • 3+Classes each week with world-class coaches
  • Personal Accountability provided by a dedicated coach & peers
  • Access to a state-of-the-art fitness facility
  • Bluprint Nutrition 101 Guide on how to eat healthy
  • Bluprint Food Prep 101 Guide to help make healthy eating EASY
  • Personal Grocery List w/ healthy, easy to make options
  • 28 Tasty Recipes to try


  • Initial Assessments – Between April 1st & May 2nd
  • Orientation – Saturday, May 4th 11:00am
  • Challenge Start Date – Tuesday, March 7th
  • Challenge Finish Date – Friday, June 14th
  • Measurements – Saturday, June 15th


Participants will have access to all Zone, Training Camp, and Rowing classes at Bluprint Fitness. Athletes are required to reserve their spot in class prior to start time by using their Wodify app. This schedule is listed below.


MON 7am Rowing 6pm Training Camp
TUE 6am Zone 6pm Zone
WED 7am Rowing 6pm Training Camp
THU 6am Zone 6pm Zone
FRI 6am Rowing 7am Rowing
SAT 10:30-1:00pm Open Gym  
SUN 8:30am Zone  


  • Initial Investment: $299
  • Discount IF All Criteria Met: $200
  • Net Investment: $99.00


There are 2 ways two ways to receive the end of the 6-week challenge:

  1. SHOW UP 3 or more times each week. That’s 18 or more classes over a 6 week period. Participants have unlimited access to Zone, Training Camp, and Rowing and it’s encouraged to take 3-5 classes each week depending on specific goals. IF this is followed, participants can put that $200 discount towards a membership OR receive a $200 check!
  2. Reach your goal body fat percentage. You’ll get your body fat measured during your initial assessment with a Bluprint Coach. That coach will then set a challenging (but appropriate) goal for you to strive for. Now if you do the above (show up 3 or more times each week) and form some healthy habits, you’ll be well on your way to crushing this goal.


  • Step1: Schedule your 1-on-1 assessment.
  • Step2: Show up for JSU Challenge Orientation
  • Step3: Just. Show. Up.

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