Just Keep Showing Up – Romayne’s Story


Just Keep Showing Up – Romayne’s Story

Romayne is no stranger to hard work, but her health & fitness journey, like most of ours starting out, was missing some key focus points that could ultimately help her reach her goals on a regular basis.

Before joining, Romayne fell into the habits of:

  • Only measuring results through weight loss.
  • Only focusing on cardio.
  • Not performing challenging enough workouts.
  • And had no direction or true understanding of nutrition and its role with health & fitness.

But Romayne did what most go-getters do and found a solution to get past the roadblocks she was running into and joined Bluprint Fitness during the Summer of 2022.

Romayne can now do full range of motion push-ups, double-unders, and boasts a 215 lbs deadlift. But, more importantly, she’s building long-lasting habits inside and outside the gym that keep her stay strong physically and mentally.

I asked Romayne what keeps her consistent at Bluprint Fitness and she had this to say:


  • Number 1: The people are some of the best people I’ve ever met. 
  • Number 2: Coaches hold me accountable and push me to do movements and weights that I’d never attempt on my own. They provide guidance and help with my overall confidence.
  • Number 3: The planned workouts. They are always challenging and never boring. I love doing repeat workouts as a way to measure my progress.

I also asked Romayne what she would say to someone considering joining and she said this:

“Do it and stay consistent. You will see improvement mentally and physically. It may feel intimidating at times, but focus on the small wins and just keep showing up.”

Bluprint is a fitness program that helps busy professionals (like Romayne) build the body and lifestyle they’re proud of year round.

And part of the program is creating an environment that’s fun, welcoming, and results-driven.

So if you, or anyone you know wants to get results and have fun doing it, fill out our online form and we’ll help guide you towards your best self.

Hope everyone is having a great week and GO WIN THE DAY!