Having Fun & Getting Fit – Amy’s Story


Having Fun & Getting Fit – Amy’s Story

Amy is a go-getter, but her health & fitness journey, like all of ours, ran into some obstacles that put her health on the back burner.

Before joining, a couple of stressful years pushed Amy to fall out of any exercise routine or healthy habits. But Amy knew she had to do something to start feeling like the best version of herself again and started her Bluprint Fitness journey (with some coaxing from her other half) in January of 2023.

Since starting, Amy has dropped over 7% body fat, shed over 15 pounds of fat, earned the strength to do chest-to-floor push-ups, and continues to break personal records on a regular basis! More importantly she’s building long-lasting habits that keep her strong physically and mentally.

But as Amy will tell you, these results didn’t come overnight. These results came from sticking to the plan, being consistent, and continuing to fine tune her habits inside and outside the gym.

I asked Amy to take us to the moment she know her new routine was working and she had this to say: “It was pretty quick – in the first few weeks I noticed that I really looked forward to class and started prioritizing my schedule to get to class every day I could. Feeling really welcomed at BluPrint and then being able to see and feel the progress in terms of my workouts and what I was capable of and body fat % was motivating.”

I also asked Amy what she would say to someone considering joining and she said this: “I never thought CrossFit was something I would enjoy but BluPrint is super welcoming with workouts scalable for all levels, plus the coaches and other athletes are always supportive, friendly and fun.”

Bluprint Fitness is a fitness program that helps busy professionals (like Amy) build the body and lifestyle they’re proud of year round. And part of the program is creating an environment that’s fun, welcoming, and results-driven.

So if you, or anyone you know wants to get results and have fun doing it, fill out our online form and we’ll help guide you towards your best self.