CF Open


CF Open

Bluprint Fitness – CF Open


2 Min Row/Ride/Ski

PT/TMC/Air Squat/Basic Kip 2×10/10/10/10 (NR)

3-5 Min Athlete Specific Warm-Up


CrossFit Games Open 22.3 (AMRAP – Reps)

For Time

21 Pull-Ups (F-Bent Over Row 35/45, S-Jumping Chin, Rx-Chin Over Bar PU)

42 DUBS (F-Jumping Jacks, S-Singles, Rx-DUBS)

21 Thruster (F-35/45, S-45/65, Rx-65/95)

18 C2B (F-Jumping Chin, S-Chin Over Bar PU, Rx-C2B)

36 DUBS (F-Jumping Jacks, S-Singles, Rx-DUBS)

18 Thruster (F-35/45, S-55/85, Rx-75/115)

15 BMU (F-Jumpin C2B, S-C2B, Rx-BMU)

30 DUBS (F-Jumping Jacks, S-Singles, Rx-DUBS)

15 Thruster (F-35/45, S-65/105, Rx-85/135)

Record Time Finished or Reps Completed at 12 Min Cap

Tiebreak Times Following The First 2 Completed Thruster Sets (Set of 21 and/or 18)


Lateral Highway Stretch (1 Min Each)

Wall Stretch (1 Min Each)

Kneeling Forearm Stretch (1 Min)