Back Meat – Build a Strong Back


Back Meat – Build a Strong Back

Do you want to get stronger?

Want to boost your lifting game? Your pull-up game? OR any movement involving your arms?

IF you answered yes to any of the questions above building a strong back should be on your radar.

So how do we train the back to get the biggest bang for your time?

Step 1: Train vertical pulling, horizontal pulling, AND static positions.
Step 2: Find your set/rep sweet spot. This is typically between 8-15 total “back” sets per week in the rep range of 8-20 reps per set.
Step 3: Only perform FULL RANGE-OF-MOTION movements.

This often-overlooked aspect of strength has HUGE benefits and here are a few exercises to get you started.

Vertical Pulling
Pull-Up: Double Overhand Grip & Kipping Variations
Pull-Up: Mix Grip
Pull-Up: Neutral Grip
Lat Pull-Down Variations (Machine, Banded, Various Grips)
Rope Climb Variations (Feet On Ground, Traditional, Legless)

Horizontal Pulling
Bent-Over Row (Various Grips)
Single-Arm DB Row
Ring/Inverted Row Variations
Seated Row (Machine)
Renegade Row (DB/KB)
Rope Pull Variations

Static Holds
Deadlift Variations (Tempo w/ Static Holds at Top Position)
Reverse Plank
Rack Hold Variations (KB/BB)
Farmer Carry (KB/DB/BB)
Zercher Carry (Plate/BB)
Dead Hang Variations