Are YOU a CrossFit Hater?


Are YOU a CrossFit Hater?

It is human nature to “dislike” or “disapprove” of things that aren’t familiar to us or that we don’t understand. This was TOTALLY me when I first became a Personal Trainer, and to be honest, CrossFit was not deemed “safe” in my bubble so I vocally “hated on it”. CrossFit is not perfect and it is not for everyone BUT I will tell you this: You really don’t know until you try.


  1. I believed that some of the movements were dangerous and not for everyone.
  2. If one CrossFit gym is BAD then they ALL must be.
  3. The ridiculous CrossFit Bros that couldn’t stop talking about everything they do at the gym made me want to VOM.
  4. Some CrossFits are extremely cliquey and unwelcoming.
  5. Speed and Weight are King, leaving Form as an afterthought.


  1. EVERYTHING exercise is scalable (up or down) and people are WAY better and more capable than I gave them credit for.
  2. Generalizing is silly…in ALL professions there are good and bad, you just have to find the right fit for you. CrossFits are no different – find a good one!
  3. Maybe there is a reason they can’t stop talking about it. Maybe it’s the sense of accomplishment or how it empowers us to do crazy cool things? Be careful not to catch the CrossFit BUG-I hear it’s contagious 😉
  4. Again generalizing gets you in trouble—some gyms are cliquey and some aren’t, you just have to find the right one for YOU.
  5. The level of form focus is definitely based on the gym. At Bluprint, we put a HUGE emphasis on form and EARNING speed and weight.


  1. CrossFit makes you step outside your comfort zone and try movements and workouts you never thought possible.
  2. CrossFit makes you proud of yourself:  Perform Better – Look Better – Feel Better.
  3. Nothing compares to the way a barbell feels in your hands: My inner self screams with confidence!
  4. CrossFit is my church, my family, and my friends all in one box.
  5. CrossFit = Growth (Personal, Physical, and Emotional)

If you are a passionate, stubborn, competitive person like me…CrossFit is probably going to bite you in the butt at some point for trash talking it. Swallow your pride and try it—you might surprise yourself. You can’t be afraid to change your mind; this is a huge part of our growth as a human beings.

Coach J

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  1. Saqib

    This described my initial exposure and reaction to Crossfit to the T, Coach J! Its getting forwarded to all of my friends!