WOD Tuesday SNL


WOD Tuesday SNL

Bluprint Fitness – Skillz n Liftz


Warm-up (No Measure)

3 Min Run/Row/Ride

Partner MB Transfer 3 Minutes @ 16/20 (Partner Rest)

PT/Pull Plus/Wall Squat: 2×15/10/5e (30s)

Skill Practice

Toes-To-Bar (10-12 Min)

1. 2×10-15s Basic Kip

2. 2×5 Kip + Knees-2-Chest

3. T2B

*Each progression should be 80% mastered before moving to the next.

*IF Proficient at Movement: Hit Max Rep Set After Warm-Up

*60s Rest Between Sets


15 Banded Lat Push-Downs @ HBD Band

45s Max GLe Bear Crawl (Knees CANNOT Touch Ground)

3 Rounds – Rests 1 Min Between Sets

Core Work

Steam Rollers (3×3 each Side)

Slow and Controlled Transition From Arch 2 Hollow by Using Core Control to Initiate and Complete Movement
*1 Min Rest

*If can’t turn over w/ out using hand: 3x20s Hollow + 20s Arch


Foam Roll Lats (1 Min Each)

Banded OH Stretch (1 Min Each)

Wall Stretch (1+ Min Each)