WOD Tuesday CrossFit


WOD Tuesday CrossFit

Bluprint Fitness – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

3 Min Run/Row/Ride

Partner Sprint Relay 3 Minutes

PT/TMC/SL Wall Reach: 2×10/10/5e (30s)

Skill Practice

Pistols (10-12 Minutes)

1. Reverse Lunge w/ Toe Tucked 1-2x5e (30s)

2. Reverse Lunge w/ Toe Pointed 1-2x3e (30s)

3. Lunge w/ Foot Up 1-2x2e (30s)

4. Box Step Up w/ Slow Decent 2-3x (30s)

5. Pistol Practice (Free Standing or To Certain Height) Remaining Time

*Each Step Should Be 80% Mastered B4 Moving On


Metcon (Calories)

10-Min EMOM

Min 1: 5 Push Jerks (S-35-55/45-75, Rx-65/95, Rx+95+/155+)

Min 2: 30s MAX Cal Sprint (Row or Ride)

*Record Total Cals

Cool Down

Parallette L-Sit Variation (2-3x20s)

SL L-Sit, Tuck Hold, L-Sit
*1 Min Rest


Lax Ball Standing Trap Smash (1 Min Each)

Foam Adductors (1 Min Each)

Pigeon Pose (1 Min Each)