WOD Thursday Barbell Club


WOD Thursday Barbell Club

Bluprint Fitness – Bluprint Barbell Club


Warm-up (No Measure)

3 Min Run/Row/Ride

PVC Halo/TMC/3s Pause Air Squat 2x10e/10/5 (30s)

Clean/Front Squat/Split Jerk: 2x2e@Bar to 65/95 lbs (30-60s)


1: Clean and Jerk (Heat Check)

3@Bar, 3@50%, 2@60%, 2@70, Then Sets of 1 at Increasing WT Until First Miss *1-2 Min Rest

*18 Minutes to Establish 1RM for the Day

*After First Miss – Decrease WT, Complete Clean Rep, MOVE ON

2: Snatch (Complex: Hang Snatch + Snatch Balance)

3+3@Bar, 2+2@50%, Then 3×2+2@65-80%

*1-2 Min Rest

*Speed Focus

(12 Minutes)

3: Renegade Row (3×20 @ HBD WT)

*1 Min Rest

*Suggested WT: BW-20/35 – Stay Square


Foam Roll Calves (1 Min Each)

Lax Ball Rear Shoulder Smash (1 Min Each)

Wall Stretch (1+ Min Each)