WOD Friday CrossFit


WOD Friday CrossFit

Bluprint Fitness – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

3 min row/ride/run

Partner Double KB Inverted Carry 3xGLap @10+/15+ (Partner Rest)

PT/Air Squat/Superman 2x10e (No Rest)


Bridge Press (3×10 @ HBD DB/KB )

Floor press variation where the bridge position is maintained the duration of the press set.
2×5 Warm-Up Sets at Light WT, Then 3×10 @ HBD DB/KB

*3010 Tempo

*Suggest WT: S-15/25, Rx-20/35, Rx+30+/55+

*Chase Each Work Set w/ 10 Banded Face Pulls

*90-120s Rest


Metcon (Weight)

10-Minute EMOTM

Minute 1: 3 Thrusters (Suggested Start: S-35/45, Rx-55+/75+)

Minute 2: 5 Pull-Ups (S-Jumping 3s Negative/5010 Ring Row, Rx-Chin, Rx+Strict Chin)

*WTs Can Increase – Record Heaviest Completed Set

*Pull-Ups DO NOT Have to Be Unbroken

Cool Down

Ab Rollouts ( 2-3×8 *1 Min Rest)


Banded Kneeling OH Stretch

Banded Chest Opener

Banded Lateral Highway