WOD Friday CrossFit


WOD Friday CrossFit

Bluprint Fitness – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

3 min row/ride/run

Partner Bear Crawl + Back Pedal 2xGLap (Partner Rest)

KB Complex: Ribbon + Alt KBS + Goblet Squat 2x10e @ 25/35 (30s)


Oly Choice:

Clean & Jerk OR Snatch

Burgener Warm-Up

[email protected], [email protected]%, [email protected]%, [email protected]%, Then [email protected], [email protected]%, [email protected]%

*1-3 Min Rest

Clean and Jerk ([email protected], [email protected]%, [email protected]%, [email protected]% Then [email protected], [email protected]%, [email protected]%)

Snatch ([email protected], [email protected]%, [email protected]%, [email protected]% Then [email protected], [email protected]%, [email protected]%)


Death By KB Transfer (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

EMOTM Athletes will transfer their KB 1 Gym Length – Increasing by 1 GL each minute until athletes cannot finish within the minute.

(S-15/25, Rx-25/35, Rx+35+/50+)

15-Minute MAX

Record Highest FULLY Complete Round (1-15)

IF athlete can’t complete all 15 rounds – you must ROW the remainder.

Record Highest Round Completed (Rounds) + Meters Rowed (Reps)

Cool Down

Plank Tap-Outs (2-3×20 )

*1 Min Rest


Foam Roll Glutes

Wall Stretch

Floor Forearm Stretch