Why Join A Strength & Conditioning Program?


Why Join A Strength & Conditioning Program?

What’s up everyone – it’s Coach Byron from Bluprint Fitness in West Town Chicago and I’m jumping on your screen today to talk about Strength & Conditioning and why it may be the key to your health & fitness results. 

Now before we get started, let me first shine a light on this fact.

Most health & fitness routines work when followed consistently. Whether you choose to focus on cardio only, strength only, or sport as your fitness routine – sticking with it consistently will get you some level of results. 

But in my experience, strength & conditioning is queen, king, princess, prince, army, and all of the above when it comes to getting results. 

And the results I’m talking about are the ones on the outside AND on the inside of your body. Now, you may be thinking, why does it work so well? Here are a couple of key components that help put strength & conditioning at the top when it comes to getting results.

#1 Best of Both Worlds

In this style of workout you get the benefits of building muscle through strength training which include – increased metabolism, decreased body fat, and improved strength. And the benefits of cardio training which include – better heart health, improved blood flow, and stronger mental health. When these two types of training are combined, the sky is the limit.

#2 It’s Time Saving & Efficient

Time is valuable, and as adults, we just don’t have the time to spend hours in the gym each day. Strength & conditioning allows us to get a lot done in a short amount of time – making it ideal for the busy professional.

Bluprint Fitness is a coaching program that helps busy professionals build the body and lifestyle they’re proud of year round.

And part of the program is creating a strength & conditioning routine that gets results without wasting precious time. 

So if you, or anyone you know wants to get results that last, fill out our online form HERE and we’ll help guide you towards your best self.