The Path to a Healthy Lifestyle


The Path to a Healthy Lifestyle

It is not all Flowers and Butterflies…

I am the first to admit that living a healthy lifestyle is not easy. The unhealthy world is pushing against you…HARD. In my experience, you may lose “friends” and relationships with family might suffer. Deciding to make this positive change in your life is the easy part; actually doing it is where things get dicey.

I, personally, have found this out the hard way…unfortunately YOU being healthy makes the people around you either inspired by you or insulted and feeling judged by you. Even if you aren’t judging what the person next to you is eating, they FEEL like you are…they can become uncomfortable, resentful and mean. To the point where they don’t want you around them because they feel like they have to “cater to you”. I have felt “exiled” by some of the people that love me the most, they would rather me not be around…this is a very lonely position to be in.

There would be instances where I would fold under pressure if it wasn’t for my support system in Byron. The saying holds true, you become who you hang out with the most. My advice is to surround yourself with people that make you better, have similar ideals to you but offer different perspectives and distance yourself from people that drag you down. Social support is hugely important in the success of your lifestyle change. If you have to keep these people around because they are family, prepare yourself for these situations before they come.

What I mean by this is:
1. Try to plan events that don’t involve food
2. Eat before you go and snack on items that fit your lifestyle
3. DON’T talk about food, health, your lifestyle or their lifestyle
4. Host events where you have control over food options
5. Go out to eat where healthy options are available
6. Only offer information when asked and avoid verbal diarrhea

I am here to let you know you are not alone. I know it is hard to allow change in your life especially when society is pushing against you…I am also here to tell you the payoff is well worth the process. I have made it to the other side, lost some people along the way but I am better, stronger and healthier for it.